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    I have an eight year old son that really wants to make a Lego brick film. I know that I need the ability to manually focus, but many of the webcams out there only advertise auto-focus. Logitech has a product – the C160 – that allows for manual focus, but it is their cheapest webcam. The also offer the 9000 – but that is $70.

    Has anyone used a webcam for about $30-50 that they liked? Logitech has the 250, 260 and 310, but no one at Logitech support can tell me if you can turn autofocus off.

    What are you guys using? There has to be something in the $30 to 50 range, but I haven’t found one yet.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    You won’t get an answer here. Search for your answer at bricksinmotion.com or chat with the users there for answers.

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    I doubt you are still looking as you most likely got your answer over at BIM but quickcam 9000 is the way to go…or was last i checked…

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    I know this is a bit expensive, but I got a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 from Amazon.com for $60US. It does have Auto-Focus, but you can turn that off and manually focus the webcam. It has VERY good focus and graphics. So I would recommend getting that one.

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    I recommend something with software controlled focus, and HD. The resolution should be at least 800×600.
    The logitech Quickcams are easy to use.
    And, do not use Logitech E3500.

    EDIT: The Microsoft Lifecam Cinema/Sudio is good.

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