Who wants to update Anasazi SMA?

Hey, all.

It's been about 7 years since Asasazi Stopmotion Animator was released and hosted by Marc Spess at animateclay.com

I spoke with him this morning and he said that the program was open source, so I was wondering if anyone here would like to upgrade it. It appears that Spess's rival site, Clayanimator.com, has stolen his program and made only one change---he plastered HIS logo all over it by coding that into the source.

Now, many of us here at Brickfilms have been using Anasazi for years, and it has only been updated once in that time. I think it's high time that someone updated it with the features we could all use---frame averaging, output to quicktime movie, output to numbered frames, frame batch import... Why not retool Anasazi so that it's more l ike Monkey Jam, only with the ability to play back what you just shot without rendering it as a preview? (A feature of Asasazi I have always liked).

I am certain that the brilliant minds here could re-make Anasazi into a capture program to be reckoned with.