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    Prog Shooter

    It’s still not working. I think I’m just going to wait for the .exe



    Can I help in this ‘project’? I am no Python coder but maybe If you want, I can package it into an installer for you (once you have compiled it to EXE).


    Prog Shooter

    Compiling it has been the hardest part so far. If you can do that for us, you’ll be our new best friend 🙂



    Okay.. This might be the cause of problems during running the Python ‘script. I was trying my best to compile it but first I tried to run it so I installed Python and wxPython. I noticed after running through the command line I get this ‘error’:

    I am not too sure if this is meant to happen. So if this is a ‘bug’ please fix it.

    EDIT: Hmm.. after figuring out what PIL means, I managed to get a download link thanks to Google. Hopefully this will work.

    EDIT2: Okay, new error:

    Has anyone got an idea?



    Prog what Mr Polakin meant, was ONCE it has been compiled he will make an installer for it.



    Well I myself am going to try to compile it but please see my problem above.


    Prog Shooter

    My wistfulness precedes me, Amped. I’m sorry.



    Okay, I fixed my last error, python 2.5 was needed, I installed wxPython for 2.5, but I get the same error Polaking got the first time. What is this PIL module?

    EDIT: Looks like im playing follow the leader, I downloaded PIL, and got the same error. Ill post my, though its the same because the screenshot Polaking posted is impossible to read. But when I ran the script, I window popped up without buttons or anything then dissapeared

    File “AnasaziFrameGrab.pyw”, line 278, in
    File “C:Python25Libsite-packageswx-2.8-msw-unicodewx_core.py”, line
    , in __init__
    File “C:Python25Libsite-packageswx-2.8-msw-unicodewx_core.py”, line
    , in _BootstrapApp
    return _core_.PyApp__BootstrapApp(*args, **kwargs)
    File “AnasaziFrameGrab.pyw”, line 208, in OnInit
    File “AnasaziFrameGrab.pyw”, line 168, in __init__
    File “AnasaziFrameGrab.pyw”, line 41, in __init__
    TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable

    Has Polakings error returned the error and then printed the line that is in error? I checked mine against his and he has a few more lines in the error message, I checked the code in IDLE and those extra lines are the code corresponding to the lines the error mentioned. (if you can understand that)

    EDIT 2: Installed pyscho thinkin it might help, but still get same error
    EDIT 3: If anyone wants them, Pyscho Download
    PIL (windows only)



    Ok, I looked at the error, and I think I have a solution:

    Open up AnasaziFrameGrab.py in notepad, and go to line 41:
    After the word Image and before the parenthises (spellcheck), insert .open (notice the period).

    Also, Pysco is not nessisary (another spellcheck), but it may make it run faster (not that it does much good at this point).

    Just to clarify, compileing to exe is a completely different thing than just running the program. However, it is on my to-do list.

    — bluejeansummer


    Mojestic Maffles

    @BJS & polaking-I’ve found something called py2exe. It does something like compiling. Also, for macs, there is something called py2app that does mac .app compiling.

    py2exe website: http://www.py2exe.org/

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