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    Of course!


    Also, they are very cute!


    Its something ive always had an interest in, i tried making videos with toys before as a kid with this basically toy video camera, pretty much a webcam you could run through a vcr… never really worked, that was like 1996 or so, extreme low tech haha. A year or two ago i saw a brick film on youtube and ive been into it ever since, its the perfect medium in my opinion…. unlimited design possibility, everything is interchangeable, re useable, all the same scale (mostly lol.. lego people have some huge loaves of bread and radios)

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    Jason Childrey wrote: “…lego people have some huge loaves of bread and radios)”
    …they also have telephones that you could club a seal to death with…


    Though none of my brickfilms have broken through the barrier of Windows movie maker (yet), I still enjoy making them because: It’s a good pastime when you’ve got nothing else to do;
    It gives lego yet another great edge to it;
    It’s always fun to see the end product;
    And best of all you can share it with others besides friends and family.


    I would like to add that it feels fulfilling to create a world and express yourself through stories with these colorful little things. It’s one of the most enjoyable experiences.


    Because I love making movies, and brickfilming is relatively easy to animate, and has endless possibilities.


    Who can resists legos on the screen?

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    Anna C.

    Not much of an artist… and I love playing with Lego and the Camera!

Viewing 9 posts - 11 through 19 (of 19 total)

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