Why Script Writing is more important to start Brickfilming first?

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    I think, the first step in creating a Brickfilm is making a screenplay, or in other words, a script. Now, a script, by definition, is a document that outlines every aural, visual, behavioral, and lingual element required to tell a story (in a movie, play, ect.). Basically, a script tells the director and his cast and crew exactly what is going to go on in each scene or shot. A typical Brickfilm script may include dialogue, emotions, the setting, the props needed, and what the lighting and camera angles are going to be needed. When you are making a script for a Brickfilm though, you don’t necessarily need to include all these things (especially if you are the only one working on it). Your script can be as detailed or as simple as you like.



    Bric a brac

    Scriptwriting = writing ideas… So I guess to make a long post short… To make a video… First you should have an idea


    Brick Angel

    As it is with all forms of art. Must have an idea of what you’re doing before you start, unless you’re making some sort of weird abstract…. In which case… Wing It! 😀


    Brick Angel

    on the subject of scripts, anyone out there doing any new ones and want a creative mind to throw out some ideas?


    micka p ninja nut

    well to write a script not only do you have to have good ideas but the right software


    Galaxy Patrol

    I think this is a very important aspect in any kind of film-making. Especially with brick films, as there are a lot to be planned. A well-prepared script oversees almost all conceivable difficulties that could be encountered during filming, post-production, etc. As in tradition, story boards are an invaluable help for visual film-making as well as it better organizes scenes and events in the film.

    A script is, of course, not hard rule. But it can be a very good guideline and help you keep track of your progress, as well as the story’s weaknesses and strengths.



    Making a movie from nothing may befun, but I agree that having/creating notes and drawings helps a lot. Test building the diferent parts of the set to get the most out of it.


    Galaxy Patrol

    Good point.


    Anna C.

    I think this could be summed up as those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Writing the script first saves you a lot of time during the shooting and editing. It gives you a path to follow so that you don’t get sidetracked too much.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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