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    RP Hoogle

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    Why vote for RP Hoogle as Minister Of Community Projects?

    Revmen wrote

    “Minister of Community Projects – Responsible for encouraging and managing the production of official brickfilms.com community projects.”

    Well the first thing is I believe that I am an enthusiastic individual and I am good at taking charge.

    “ These films will be the only films branded with the brickfilms.com name and logo and must be held to a high standard of excellence.”

    I will not let the name of Brickfilms.com be soiled and since the films are official I will do everything to stop copyright infringement and I will riddle out unoriginal material.
    It’s all about teamwork and I will encourage this all the way. I will also let everyone express there ideas on a project I will also let so called “n00bs” work on a project if they have shown themselves to have some talent and they agree to follow forum etiquette.

    The steps I would take and encourage others to use in the production of a Community Project is this I believe this way would be successful.

    The Story-Development
    Once there script or an outline of events for a film I would assemble a small team at that moment such as; Head Animator, Director, Musician, Voice Director, Script Writers and Story Boarder. We would then all get a copy of the script or outline. Then we’d have a chat possibly in Brickfilms Chat or maybe Skype or something similar we would then discuss what we liked what we didn’t like ideas to improve, add or subtract. Once the final draft is completed with all of the primary team are happy then it is time to get the film on the road.

    Pre Production
    Once the story is approved it is time to get a larger team in place. The style of film will be set. Such as auditions for voices and musicians. Assigning animators, special effects people and Editors. Although the story is complete it isn’t home time for the script writers they will stick to the project until the end to see there idea’s are being portrayed on film. Story boarders will have completed the storyboards here. All the characters will have there mini-figs chosen and the animators will have to have the needed if they don’t have some they can work on other scenes where the character they don’t have appears. Since we are working in the animation medium the easiest way to start is to get all the voices done. In this stage we will start to predict the time certain stages will be finished and we will be able to set a release date beneficial to all members of the team

    Here is when all the animators come into work they have all read the script they have familiarised themselves to the story now they can start to animate but what would they do they are disorganises so this is when a set designer comes in they design the sets for all the scenes (It could help if they were familiar with programs like Ldraw but it isn’t to important as they could take pictures of the set being built). The Director will assign animators to certain scenes and they will be given the voices they need to animate to.

    Post Production
    When all the scenes are done the Special Effect people get to shine the Director will point out what needs done in a scene they will give there idea of what it should look like and the Special Effect people can get onto work. Now every scene has been completed in respects to voices and visual effects. The Musician will be allowed to view the scenes and they will produce music that fits the scenes and film nicely. Now it’s time for the Editors to add sound effects, voices and music to the scenes. The Directors, Voice Director, Writers and Musician will be on hand to help the editors get it right. It would be good if there were 2 groups of editors, The Film Editor and The Sound Editor.

    After it’s all done and every problem, if any is fixed there could be a team of advertisers just to design signatures, a website and a trailer (The Editors could be in charge on the trailer)

    The Release
    Now this is where all your hard work will be shown and be praised.

    Now the idea of us all working together can be hard and if you don’t think this will be fun or can’t get enough time to do the job you want don’t take part. I know this seems hard but we can’t let one person who can’t stick to the schedule ruin the project for others.

    And remember folks this has to be fun to be done.

    Any questions about my ideas or anything else please ask here.

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    “Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”

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    The color coding alone is reason enough to vote for him.

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    RP Hoogle

    😆 And colour/color is magic like a Community Project with me as Minister.

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    Whoa, I shouldn’t have scrolled up and down so much, I’m seeing spots.

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    RP Hoogle

    There spots of happiness 😀 Hey vote for me :)

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    Have you ever organised any community projects? What experience do you have? 😐

    Otherwise, goods?

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    I nominate RP Hoogle as the wizard of technicolor.

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    Nicely organization, very detailed. A fine example, in my opinion, of what you’ve described would be Project Divinity.

    Touche, Mr. Hoogle, Touche.

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    Have you any experience within this field? I think not–refer to signature.

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