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    Always with the slander…

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    I hate kids. Everyone hates kids. Why should we allow them on the site? I lived in an age when parents smacked their kids, not send them to their rooms. Unfortunately, parents nowadays are too pussy to do that so we have other lame “GO STAND IN FRONT OF A WALL” detention times. Now kids are annoying, and they run around the house naked. The best thing kids can do to society is shut up and eat doritos (I wasn’t paid to say that).

    Just because we disallow them to visit the forums does not mean that they’re not allowed on the site itself. They’ll have plenty of resources. And we’d encourage to nourish their interest by READING THE BLOODY SITE like the unused resources page instead of posting a bunch of useless threads.

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    Tim has stolen Christmas. :(


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    Aled Owen

    I actually agree with Tim.


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    Get a grip! This is a community dedicated to making films with LEGO. Of course there’s going to be kids!

    Instead of making them feel left out our experienced members should do their best to encourage civil behaviour and proper language by actually representing the values they preach.

    Besides, do you really think you could set a minimum age and expect youngsters to stay away? This is the internet, remember?

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    I’ve never been under the impression that this was supposed to be a child-friendly site.

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    Since this is a discussion about child friendliness, I thought I’d point out-

    “The Rules” wrote: 1. Profanity or vulgar images – This includes inappropriate words, inappropriate sexual references and other crude statements. Again, though this is not a children’s site, we do not wish to offend or ostracize any younger members or cause their parents to bar them from accessing the website. Knowingly posting obscene pictures is enough for an automatic ban.

    So in technicality, there are rules against this, but they are not enforced. I will not say whether I feel these are fair or not, I just thought I’d put them here for those discussing to… discuss.

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    Who cares about the rules? this is barely a children’s site. The majority of people who visit this site are at least 15.

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    I say we divide Brickfilms into three separate entities: BrickfilmsBabies (BrickBabies? BrickBabes?), Brickfilms Classic, and BF17+. Users would decided by age group of course.

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    BF17+ sounds like a movie rating for porn movies.


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