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    What? Again? Yes, again. LegosJedi here to tell you why I’m a good choice for Minister of Filming Resources.

    What experience do I have relating to my desired ministry?
    My HTML skills are amazing, if I do say so myself. I also possess CSS, Javascript, and PHP skills, which will help me bring the Resources page up to date code-wise.

    I have journalistic experience with the English projects I have written. I also have a great writing style, proven through the fan fictions I have written.

    While I myself am not a great brickfilmer, I have some experience with it, and understand both basic and advanced techniques dealing in creating effects, animation, lighting, and more.

    Last, but not least, I am tech-savvy, as I have an interest in computers, and other technical equipment. I understand how a computer works, and the components of a computer, as well as understanding how to do some more advanced actions on a computer.

    What are my ideas to expand or improve the Ministry?
    What I really, REALLY would like to do is to take the resources system and change it into a toned-down version of the films system. Resources can be easily created and modified in a web interface. They will get added to a database, where all resources will be stored. Comments will be able to be posted for resources, adding information to the existing one, correcting the author, or just giving simple thanks for the resource.

    But, that’s what I’d like to do if I was allowed to do, and I’m not quite sure if I will be given permission. If not, then the resources will get an overhaul in the way it looks. Items on the page will be laid out differently. There will be links on the left side for the main categories, and sub links for the resources in those categories. Content will be loaded into the main section via AJAX. Along with that, the resources page will get a change in the actual look. The images will be changed to something more up to date.

    How much time would I be able to spend performing my duties as Minister of Resources?
    I currently have plenty of time to work on the Resources page. School doesn’t bog me down much, and apart from bowling on Tuesday and Thursday, I have nothing else in my schedule.

    What unique character qualities would I be able to contribute to the Ministry?
    With my PHP knowledge, I can modify the Resources page in a new way, adding PHP into the code, and not just HTML, thus, making it more dynamic. Along with that, I have good JavaScript knowledge, so I can make the page dynamic right there in your browser. With my coding knowledge, the possibilities are endless!

    I am very much open to all your suggestions, comments, and questions. Thanks for your time, and happy voting!

    – LegosJedi — Building Better Resources Today, for Better Resources Tomorrow.
    Candidate for Minister of Filming Resources

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    Comments will be able to be posted for resources, adding information to the existing one, correcting the author, or just giving simple thanks for the resource.

    Sounds like you’d have assistants add to the resource page as well, am I reading that right?

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    I’m not sure I get what you’re asking, Lech. Are you referring to something like the review panel, to moderate new resources? Or do you mean that only a select few people will be able to add resources?

    The whole purpose of the comment system is where users, meaning every one who has a account, can post a little blurb of text where they can add tips relating to the article, correct the author if they made a mistake about information, or they see a typo or something, or to just give some thanks for some one writing about that resource.

    I’m kinda against a review panel, because, like I said, I want to keep this as a toned down version of the film directory. However, resources will be able to be deleted or edited by the Minister of Filming Resources to prevent spam or cruddy resources.

    I’m also against the idea of having a small, select group of people be the only ones who can add resources. This would limit the amount of resources that could be added. However, there might be a few restrictions. For example, a user might have to have a certain number of posts, or be registered for a certain amount of time, before they can post a resource. I’m not saying that I would do this. I’m just giving an example.

    Lech, I hope this answers your question. If not, please let me know, and I’ll try to answer it properly.

    – LegosJedi — Building Better Resources Today, for Better Resources Tomorrow.
    Candidate for Minister of Filming Resources

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    You have a very well-formed platform, here. I’d love to see it get some more attention, hopefully before ballots open next week you can get some more questions and interest in your campaign.

    Good luck!

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    Aled Owen

    I think voting for you would be a brilliant idea.

    You rock.


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    “Trillspots” wrote: You have a very well-formed platform, here. I’d love to see it get some more attention, hopefully before ballots open next week you can get some more questions and interest in your campaign.

    Good luck!

    Well, thanks Trill! I’m glad you like it! Do you have any questions yourself, or any suggestions? I’d be glad to hear about them.

    “Aled Owen” wrote: I think voting for you would be a brilliant idea.

    You rock.


    Heh, thanks Aled! Remember, a vote for me is a vote for better resources!

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    Do you have any examples of your english work?

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    Yes, I have several examples. Some of my more recent work includes my unfinished NaNoWriMo attempt, and a satire I wrote for English class. Here’s the satire (You and Schlaeps should get a kick out of it), and the prologue of the NaNoWriMo novel:

    [spoiler=Satire]Microsoft Has Won!

    Mac OS X Leopard came out just a few weeks ago, but sales have shown that it has failed miersably. Selling only two million copies in the first weekend, Mac OS X Leopard includes cruddy features like Time Machine, a program that will automatically backup your computer, or Spaces, a program that would make multiple desktops on your Mac. With features like these, I have no idea why anyone would purchase Leopard.

    Windows Vista, on the other hand, has preformed wonderfully! Having sold tens of dozens of copies, Vista has pulled every Mac user over to the ‘light side’, as many Windows users, such as user brianfast, call Windows. When user LegosJedi posted about getting Leopard, he replied, “You could have gotten the superior Vista for 70 bucks less… Kids these days…” He also comments on Leopard after trying it out at a Best Buy. “I was using a Macbook that had a second screen hooked up to it. I dragged a Quicktime file to the second screen and clicked the enlarge button in the top right corner and nothing happened… Ah, good old crappy Macs…”

    Brianfast praises Vista and encourages people to use it. He loves the brand new user interface. Wonderfully redesigned from Windows XP, the new user interface, called Aero, is a very glassy and Web 2.0 styled interface. Despite this new user interface being the only feature in Vista, it has become a huge success among Windows users. There are a few people who were so upset with Vista that they downgraded back to XP. However, despite those few users, Vista is still going strong.

    Mac fans need not get up on Leopard, though. Apple announced that they will release Mac OS X Leopard Service Pack 1 once they have completed copying Microsoft. The next release of Mac OS X, which they have code-named ‘Longhorn’, is scheduled to be released in the next four years. Photos have already leaked out onto the internet of a new user interface that is much more glassy and Web 2.0 like. The biggest change seen in these images is that the Dock, a bar for launching applications, showing open applications, and hold Stacks, has been replaced with a new taskbar, much like in Vista.

    In other related news, Microsoft has released their first desktop computer. The computer is boxy, yet stylish. The Vista-colored computer has many great features setting it apart from other computers. First, it has four gigabytes of memory which is great for running memory intensive applications like Solitaire and Paint. The computer has no USB ports, or any other major computer ports, replacing them with their own equivalents. This mimics the way that they’ve done things in Internet Explorer, where they threw W3 standards out the window, and created their own. However, the most important feature is that there is no surge protection, so at the slightest power surge, your hard drive will be completely erased. Now, if only Apple could be more like them, and stop innovating and creating applications that people actually want to use, they might have success like Microsoft.[/spoiler]

    [spoiler=”NaNoWriMo Novel (Called Star Trek]Prologue

    The bridge. The main command center on any starship. Tactical, Ops, Helm, all of these were controlled right here on the bridge, the oval-shaped room. There were many LCARS panels scattered throughout the room, some in the back near Tactical and Ops, some in the front near Helm, and some to the sides. All those flashing, bright lights faintly reflected off of the captain’s face as he walked up to the view screen, the huge screen that displayed transmissions and the visuals that cameras on the hull of the Orion picked up. Metal was all that was displayed on the view screen, as they were still inside SpaceDock, waiting for the okay to launch. The captain took a deep breath, then let it out, as he anxiously waited. Months of work when into creating the Orion, and it all came down to this moment, the moment to see if everything went okay.

    Captain Mason reflected for a moment on all the bustle that had happened that started this. After Voyager had been lost in the Badlands, the Maquis and Cardassians were able to come to an agreement, and the battles had died down. There were still a few lone Marquis ships that didn’t agree, but they were being dealt with. Now, Starfleet could get back to their original objective: exploration. That was why Orion was made. A modified Intrepid class, the Orion is the ‘two point oh’ version of Voyager. Their mission was to explore the closer part of the Delta Quadrant, and hopefully make contact with Voyager.

    Mason remembered when he had first come aboard the Orion months ago to get a tour of the ship he was going to command. When he had entered the bridge, it had been busy, brimming full of engineers as they worked on getting the bridge ready by hooking up cables, installing LCARS panels and terminals, and just making sure everything was done right. He had been given a full tour of the ship, including Engineering, Sickbay, with the new EHM Mark II. And finally, after all these months, the ship was ready to go, ready to fly, ready to explore.

    “Ops has cleared us for launch,” said Jessica Hansen, the operations officer. The sound of her voice jerked Mason back into the present. Almost immediately after she had said this, the doors to SpaceDock opened, and the blackness of space and all its stars streamed into the interior. It was almost time to go.

    “Bridge to Engineering. What’s the status of our propulsion systems?” Mason called to Engineering.

    “Thrusters and Impulse are ready. Warp will be online as soon as we clear SpaceDock,” came the reply from Lieutenant Suvok, the Vulcan in charge of Engineering.

    “Lietenant, take us out of here, one-fourth impulse,” Mason command Lieutenant Parker, the officer assigned to the conn.

    “Impulse?” he questioned, spinning around to look at the captain. “But sir regulations say-”

    “I know what regulations say, Lieutenant. It’s just a little something to start our journey off with a bang. I picked it up from Kirk.” Parker raised his eyebrows up in surprise, replied with a “yes sir”, and spun back around to the conn to take the ship out. On the view screen, space started to grow bigger, and the interior of SpaceDock grew smaller until there was only the blackness of space. Captain Mason let loose a small sigh of relief, seeing that so far, all was well.

    “Mister Parker,” he said, sitting down in the captain’s chair. “Lay in a course for the Delta Quadrant. Engage.”

    The Orion’s warp nacelles bent upward as all Intrepid class starships did. There was a flash of blue light from the nacelles, and the Orion stretched into warp. In a flash somewhere in the stars, the Orion was gone.

    The mess hall. A place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some great food. Great food, my foot. thought James Doomly as he walked up to a replicator to get some food. His shift at Tactical on the bridge had just ended, and he was really hungry. For some reason, going to warp did that to him. It was just something that he couldn’t explain. But the ‘food’ that the replicators dished out was no where as good as the food back home.

    “Two slices of pizza,” he said as he walked up to the replicator. He leaned against it, waiting for his food.

    “There are twenty-six varieties of pizza available from this replicator,” said that female computer voice. “Plain, extra cheese, with pepperoni, with sau-”

    “Extra cheese,” he said, trying to control his anger with the replicator. It was difficult.

    “Hot or cold?” it asked him.

    “Hot,” he replied, and he let his temper slip. “Two slices of hot extra cheese pizza.”

    The hum of the replicator told him that his food was ready. He picked up his plate, and headed over to a table to sit and eat. He sat down at the table, picked up a piece of pizza, and took a bite. It wasn’t as bad as some of the other things he tasted, but it was but it wasn’t as good as some other things that he had tasted, either. But, he was hungry, so he just continued to eat it.

    “Red alert. All senior officers report to the bridge,” Doomly heard. Oh, come on! Just when I was starting to eat! he complained to himself. He put down the pizza, and walked out of the mess hall.

    The turbolift opened up to the bridge. Doomly stepped out and walked to the right, right into Tactical. The captain walked onto the bridge from his ready room.

    “Report,” he said, walking over to the captain’s chair. He sat down as the Executive Officer, Commander Charles Braxton, relayed to him what had just happened.

    “We’ve just dropped out of warp because of a temporal anomaly’s gravity field. Its gravity is pulling us toward the anomaly. We’ve tried everything to break free, but nothing’s worked.”

    “Captain, I should be able to free us from the gravity with a antitachyon beam,” said Hansen, looking at her console.

    “Do it,” said Mason, and held his breath, hoping that it would work. Hansen tapped her panel, and initiated the beam. After a few seconds, there was a beep from her console.

    “No effect,” she said as she deciphered the information on her console. “It just increased the gravity. We’re being pulled in faster.” The whole ship rocked as it was being pulled into the anomaly.

    “Maneuvering thrusters are offline,” called out Parker. “I can’t keep us stabilized as we go in.” Again, the ship rocked. Officers went flying, sparks flew from damaged systems, and consoles flickered in response to those sparks.

    “Ensign, transfer all available power to the shields,” commanded Mason, clutching to the captain’s chair to keep from flying about. “I want us to be fully protected when we go in.”

    On the view screen, the interior of the anomaly became shown. It was darkness, much like space, but seemed a whole lot darker. The darkness grew larger and larger on the view screen until it completely dominated the view screen. Orion had entered the anomaly. In space, there was a flash of bright, blue light, and both the anomaly and the Orion were both gone.

    Sparks flew on the bridge. It was very dark in there, as all the lights were offline. The only light provided was by the flickering LCARS terminals. Doomly could see little as the panels flickered, but from what he could see, the bridge was a wreck. It seemed that the ceiling had collapsed, or, at least, part of it had. He could also see the captain laying on the floor. He slowly got up.

    “Report,” he called out, putting a hand to his head. He had hit it hard when he the ship entered the anomaly. He ducked under a metal beam that had supported the ceiling and sat down in the captain’s chair. He could see Hansen when the panels flickered.

    “Major systems, including propulsion and shields, are all offline. Life support is online, but we’re running off of emergency power,” she said, reading the stats on her flickering panel.

    “Weapons are also offline,” called out Doomly. We’re defenseless if someone comes along. thought Mason.

    “Casualty reports are coming in,” added Hansen.

    “Get repair teams working on the damage. I want a full damage report as soon as possible,” said Mason, still recovering from the blow of when he was knocked over. “Ensign, where are we?”

    “We’re back at Earth, as far as I can tell,” she replied, looking at her panel. “Uh, Captain, we have a problem. A big one. According to this panel, the stardate is negative three-one-five-one-six-one point seven.” She looked up from the console. “The year is two thousand and seven. We’re more than two centuries backwards from where we should be.”[/spoiler]

    Hope that proves to be sufficient. If you need anything else, I have last year’s NaNoWriMo novel, but don’t laugh at me if you want me to post it, k?

    “-ddrblank-, about Star Trek wrote: That was like, a real episode of star trek

    – LegosJedi — Building Better Resources Today, for Better Resources Tomorrow.
    Candidate for Minister of Filming Resources

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