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    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. Thank you all for nominating me to run for the Minister of Information. Here are some of the basic standpoints for my campaign:

    First off, unlike the ministries such as Film Resources and Truth, etc., the Ministry of Information does not require much “experience” in the case of prior knowledge in a specific field. Unfortunately, many people on the forums, admitted myself as well, simply do not have the proper experience in the specific fields needed to run for most of the ministries. This is why you see the longest list of candidates for this ministry in particular compared to several others.

    What is my motivation for running for Minister of Information?

    My motivation as Minister of Information is the necessity to bring the information and guidance needed to the community in order to bring up the standard of excellence on the website in general. Delivering information to the community does not simply mean posting the latest news on the front page, although this is undoubtedly important. What really needs is a means to bring out what is important in the community so that everyone can better understand what’s going on, presented in a streamlined and easy-to-understand fashion. In turn, everyone will be more informed and be more connected as a community.

    What are my ideas to expand or improve the Ministry?

    The way I see it, Brickfilms needs an easy and streamlined way of keeping its members up to date on the latest news and developments within the community whenever and wherever needed. Currently, the news on the front page is rarely updated (no offense against the current minister) and is inadequate as a source of current information.

    The creation of an RSS feed, besides being very simple to create and maintain, would allow anyone who wanted to be kept updated on the website an easy way to do so. Although it may seem to be about the same difference to look at an RSS feed as looking at the front page, RSS feeds can be distributed and used in a variety of ways across various media on the Internet. This way, not only forum members but other animators across the globe would be informed on the site’s happenings, potentially drawing in even more great animators to the community.

    Edited December 17: Lechnology also brought up the idea of separating various important and non-important news. This made me think that another option for more streamlined information publication may be the creation of a separate news page including separate categories for each recent news “article.” This would also leave the front page open for improvements such as adding additional information dealing with brickfilming rather than all news. See my post below for information.

    As I’ve already mentioned, updating the news more often and on a regular basis is one of my main goals. Keeping everyone informed is key for a successful online community, especially one involving things such as community projects where several people are involved.

    How much time would I be able to spend performing my duties as Minister of Information?

    One of the primary reasons I ran for this position is because I am a very frequent visitor to the website. I look the forums at least once a day, often two or three times. With this time alotted, I could easily carry out the proper research to update the website on current community happenings.

    What experience do I have relating to my desired ministry?

    Although in my opinion not much experience is required for this position, I fill the requirements. I am already proficient in any typing and grammar skills that may be required, making it easy for those reading the “news” to understand it. In addition, I am knowledgeable in HTML and other coding that may be needed for the position.

    I’ll be happy to answer anyone’s questions and am open to suggestions about my campaign. Thanks!

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    You make a good point about looking at other LEGO-related sites. Thanks for pointing that out, Lech.

    In regards to your other questions, it really got me thinking. If you’re thinking about separating important and non-important news, I think having something slightly less “formal” like an RSS feed or a specific Brickfilms News page in conjunction with the front page, which is slightly more official, would alleviate any problems as to what or what not to put on the front page. If it isn’t worthy of the front page, then simply add it to the other page. That way, only the most important news items will come to the front page, like it is currently.

    Still, if you think about it, this does seem kind of cumbersome. If you would really want something like this, I think an overhaul of the front page may be needed. First, a news page should be created that is separate from the front page. Further, this page could be divided by different headers such as “Forum News,” “LEGO News,” and “Animation News,” maybe even something like “Top Story,” which would further streamline the process of finding the various important and non-important information you want in a quick and easy way. The “articles” would simply be short summaries directing readers to a link with further information, much like the front page is today.

    As for the front page itself, think about it – when first-time visitors come to the site, what do they see first? News. If they’re really first-timers, they aren’t going to be that interested in seeing what’s going on around the website. Instead, this should be on the aforementioned news page, while the front page should include helpful links like “Getting Started in Animation” or something. The “Top Story” article (equivalent to the most recent article on the front page now) could be briefly mentioned first, with a “More News” link below it, redirecting to the News page. This way, those actually wanting to see the information can, while the majority of visitors to the website, which are not members, will see a front page welcoming them into the world of brickfilming with helpful tips and links. I don’t know if it’s within the power of my ministry to make changes like this, but it would definitely help to do something like this.

    Also, I had forgotten to mention what I would do in regard to updating the featured film. Although there isn’t much to do besides updating it, I will make sure it is updated on a regular basis, perhaps twice a month. Again, the current ministry has failed to update it on a regular basis, sometimes updating it too quickly. The featured film must be updated regularly to maintain proper exposure for each film/director.

    Again, thanks for asking. Sorry if that’s too lengthy an explanation for you, but I’ve really started to come up with some good ideas.

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    I like your platform as well, Schlock. From talking to you I know you are very good at communication and have a really funny side with a touch of needed professionalism, which I feel is a needed trait for this position. I will definitely considerer you for this position.

    Would you put some of the more important forum posts on front? It think it would be interesting to report on new fads or on-going forum traits and happenings. Like a mini-blog. Just curious.

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    Thanks for the comments, chosen1. I will be sure to include all relevant information on whichever page I end up posting news to, including important forum happenings. The point here is to try to get relevant information from all points of the “spectrum,” so to speak, and that includes the forum and posts relevant to what is going on around the website. I mean, I won’t overflow it with “Oh look someone posted something!’11!”, but I will make sure the most important forum posts are included on occasion. If I’m able to make a separate news page, there may even be a place designated specifically for “Significant Forum Posts” or something.

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