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    Greeting fellow brickfilmers, and Happy Holidays! I am running for Minister of Discussion, as you may have noticed. This post contains my elections campaign for this platform of the brickfilms ministry.

    Suggested Skills for this position – Senior Member, Leadership Experience, Good Communication Skills

    Starting at skill number one.

    1. Senior Member

    I have been here since 16 June 2005, thats 913 days, or roughly 2.5 years, and I am fully immersed in the structure of this site. I have not made a overly large amount of posts, but I have absorbed much knowledge from this community. I have never really left this site, and have no plans to do so any time soon. I also visit here at least once a day.

    Now on to skill two.

    2. Leadership Experience

    I don’t have too much experience in that area. Just the same here are some Leadership qualities I would put into play if I became the MoD (not as if I don’t already use them). First of all I would unquestionably, and without fail, ask for the peoples opinion. I feel as if this would be necessary since I wish to become a “democratic” Minister.

    And we are finally at skill three.

    3. Good Communication Skills

    I have greatly improved my typing and persuasive skills since joining I regually go into the chat, and when I do; I always Capitalize, Punctuate, and Spell correctly. As for being persuasive, and getting my point across, I don’t really have any good examples for that.

    I will now answer some questions from the elections page.

    What experience do I have relating to my desired ministry? I don’t have much experience in my ministry, but I am good at being persuasive, and am more of a “I don’t like cussing or spamming at all” type of person.

    How much time would I be able to spend performing my duties as Minister of Discussion? I come here every day, and would be willing to spend more than half of that time performing my duties.

    What are my ideas to expand or improve the Ministry? To retain the current level of censorship, suspensions, and banning. I also noticed that the current mods are doing a very good job as it is, but if it becomes necessary I will appoint more mods.

    What unique character qualities would I be able to contribute to the Ministry? I am quite good at communicating, which is necessary in a position such as Minister of Discussion. I can also be honest and yet polite at the same time.

    What is my motivation for running for Minister of Discussion? I feel as if I would have a lot to offer in maintaining the discussion of this forum at a appropriate level for all age groups.

    I felt that all of these questions were good questions to be asked; so I answered them all. :shrug: Feel free to ask me more!

    • —Sword for Minister of Discussion.


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    Keep in mind that you’re running to receive quite a lot of power. Can we trust that you will be objective in your decision making?

    Good to hear that you’ve improved in your typing. Good luck on your campaign.


    Here are some things I would like to clarify from my original post.

    From the Leadership skills question.
    Let’s pretend there was some really big chat decision. I would, as I previously said, ask for the peoples opinion. I would see which decision they liked best. Then I would run all decisions through the administrative staff here. This would include my fellow ministers, as well as the mods and Admin. After seeing which decision had the major vote; I would then put it into play. Unless of course everybody did not like any of the decisions. Then the idea would be scrapped. So as you can see I definitely would not want to be the all powerful MoD. I would just try to keep the forum at a good talking level for all ages. Especially since IS all about the forum. Without the forum there would be no Brickfilms site. *This answer is also meant to answer Lech’s question.*

    From the Good Communication skills question.
    I feel as if when I said I had good persuasive skills, I was saying “No matter what anyone else says I will always be right”. That was not what I was trying to get across. I think that all people that have a position of power, such as a Minister, should have a small measure of Iron will. It should also be balanced out with good listening skills. As for why I mentioned I had good typing skills; was to show that in an online world composed of text one should have the ability to be a courteous while communicating. I mean seriously if someone went out in the real world, yelling out “Imz soez leet!!!?!” would be immediately put in a strait jacket.

    As for what I meant in the “What experience do I have” question, was that I basically have no experience in this field. I would merely have to rely on the opinions of the more experienced people here at brickfilms, and learn along the way. I also said I do not like cussing or spamming. This was meant to mean that I am not in any form or fashion a spammer. Heh, I didn’t get either of the points across very well did I?

    “What are my ideas to expand or improve the Ministry?” This was a very vital question. I think I was lacking in elaboration in it. For one Trillspots mentioned in another thread that what was stopping me from putting my own friends as mods. Well, to tell you the truth. Nothing is. Well nothing in the broader sense. I would of course consult with the staff as to who to appoint, and if we really need any more at the moment. I could select a friend for this position, and just run the decision through the Admin. You’ll have to just trust me that I won’t. What I will do though, along with the staff, find a few worthy people that we think could do the job well and then consult with the Admin about who to pick. This arrangement will solve that problem of me merely selecting my friends for a mod position.

    I think I clarified a few points, but if you think there are a few more points, or merely want to ask me a question just tell me. :)

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    3. Good Communication Skills

    I have greatly improved my typing and persuasive skills since joining

    “a few minutes ago in chat” wrote:
    [12] Swordlegends1: Sup.
    [12] Swordlegends1: Check out my campaign thread here!
    [12] Swordlegends1: Check out my campaign thread
    [12] Swordlegends1: Check out my campaign thread.
    [12] Swordlegends1 is now offline.


    Since you obviously think I spammed up the chat let me explain. The first one I posted was to check if BBcode worked in chat, I then found out it did not. I then posted it a second time to advertise my campaign thread. As for the third time; I noticed that I did not have a period at the end of the sentence that said “Check out my campaign thread”. So I posted it one last time to correct my punctuation. I hope this explains my intent fully. I respect and everybody in it. In no way would I spam the site.

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    That does seem to explain it pretty well.


    Since I am the last person in this campaign place, I thought that I should raise my campaign awareness. I hope anyone who checks this post will read through my campaign thread and decide to vote for me. :)

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