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    “Schlaeps” wrote: What type of integration would you like to see with the other resources available on Brickfilms, if any?

    I would very much like to have some intergration with the Resources page, with the Encyclopedia and the Resources using each other as sources. For instance, some of the already written articles in the Resources could be linked to from the Encyclopedia, and the Resources could contain more links to the Encyclopedia.

    Of course, this will require me to work out things with the future Minister of Filming Resources, and how well this intergrations would work out will depend on the future Minister’s visions and plans as well. As a result of that, I can’t say too much about intergration plans with the Resources; frankly, that’s off limits for me. 😉

    Apart from the Resources/Encyclopedia connection, there’s not really any other part of the website that can be intergrated to increase helpativity.

    Unless I’m mistaken, anonymous editing is currently disabled.

    In that case, I shall maintain the current rules on anonymous editing.

    Everyone else: thanks for your support, I really appreciate it from all of you. You make me feel all gooey on the inside. :mrgreen:

    – BertL

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    You have the full support of JustaMinifig studios.

    -spread the truth! :applause: :lurk:

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    Night Owl

    You can’t vote, though. You know that, right?

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    “Night Owl” wrote: You can’t vote, though. You know that, right?

    Just wait until the Summer ’08 elections, I’ll blow the competition away. 😆

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    I like your ideas. I’ll definitely consider you for the position :) .

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    In rerply to you,Night Owl,the voting is in winter ’08 so will be able to vote. 😛

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    Winter ’08 is January/February. So, no you won’t. (But technically, voting is Winter ’07, January 26th-31st, and the terms begin Winter ’08.)

    You will be able to vote for July elections though.

    -Trill, Election Commissioner

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    Still, even though you can’t vote for me yet I’m delighted to know I’m supported by you, JustaMinifig. It’s good to know people support my ideas. Regardless of whether they’re vote-able or not.

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    Now, to state for the records, me and bert are friends and this is in no way a form of attack.

    Simply registering through the Encyclopedia will be disabled; instead, the person who wants to register needs to send me a PM in which the user will have to give his/her password of choice, and his/her e-mail address, so I can register that person. That way I can monitor all registering, and SPAM bots will not be able to register without me knowing it. This way, instead of deleting SPAM (which is the current system), all SPAM will be prevented. This tactic has proven to be working in the IBDB, which also suffered from vandalism and SPAM until I changed it into this.

    I appreciate your concern about spambots, but there are other ways to rid them. Besides that, when reading this I can only see the haunting images of what was done with hostbrickmovies, even though it is a good service, it takes far too much time to register at times. An automated service is much better, and it helps support editing on impulse. If some one is new and wants to submit an article, instead of waiting for you to approve them they can just keep going and edit. Yes, there will be some problems, but as the curator you will need to take the responsibility to fix it.

    Lastly, you would remove registering from the encyclopedia, but allow anonymous edits? Sorry, but that does not even make logical sense. If you are going to ban registering outside of screening through you, then you should ban the anonymous editing as well.

    I strongly oppose the idea of a screening team or any form of manual screening, it is not needed.

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    Heres my question: If a user feels something is needed on the encyclopedia that is not there, could they tell you and trust you’ll put it on?

    Other than that you have my vote.

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