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    Night Owl

    I think I’ll be rather brief and to the point.

    What experience do I have relating to my desired ministry?
    Well, I’m an active brickfilmer, that’s for sure, as well as being a longtime visitor of the forums. I know the people here; they know me.

    What are my ideas to expand or improve the Ministry?
    I want to act in three main ways.

    • Appoint more mods.
      I’m for appointing a small dedicated group of moderators who would monitor the forums and the chat. Their job would be to point newbies in the right direction and delete unnecessary threads in the forums (if somebody posts a thread on which camera to buy, they can delete/lock the thread and send a PM to the author telling them where to look) and keep order in the chat. The brickfilms chat has become a very chaotic place recently, especially with the influx of younger members. I’ve seen situations where reasonable conversation is stifled by a load of nonsense. I’ve also seen people be quite mean to each other, which is something that really shouldn’t be happening here.[/*]
    • Help newbies find their way around.
      In accordance with some previous proposals, I want to replace the FAQ with a “Getting Started” forum, which would incorporate all the old FAQ articles, as well as useful information for newbies, showing them around the forums and providing some guidelines for behavior. Upon joining the site, newbies would receive a PM showing them to the Getting Started forum. This would clear up a lot of difficulties we’ve had on with newbies posting excess threads.[/*]
    • Reprimand or ban people who are causing trouble.
      What should we do if somebody is acting out of order? First, I’d reach out to them; try and get them to see the other viewpoint and change their behavior. If they really turn out to be actively trying to cause trouble, they’ll be banned. I also want to sort of have a chat with members who aren’t technically breaking rules, but who have been showing odd behavior (being particularly aggressive, picking on another member, etc). I don’t want people to be excluded on grounds of issues that could be resolved peacefully.[/*]

    What unique character qualities would I be able to contribute to the Ministry?
    I think I’m very good at communicating, which is vital in a position such as Minister of Discussion. I can be polite, but still be honest (some would call it blunt) at the same time. I also consider myself to be quite mature and able to judge a situation accurately in order to find a solution.

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    I very much like your plan to have a Getting Started forum. Many people have talked about this, but I you could get that system implemented, even if that was all you did, that would (IMO) be a great improvement to this forum.

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    Nick Durron

    I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said, Night Owl. Appointing more mods is, I think, a fantastic idea, as well as creating a Getting Started forum. Hopefully it will appear more obvious than the FAQ, which no one ever seems to look at.

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    Excellent idea on the ”getting started”forum.You have some excellent viewson the banning and reprimandation of troublemakers.
    You have my full support.

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    “Night Owl” wrote: Appoint more mods.

    My suggestion for this is appointing people who can cover certain time zones where fewer mods are active. In the past, there have been spammers that cause quite a mess in the forum (one can recall an Order 13 incident that went on for quite a while before Dew came in to clean it, at least I think it was Dew). This would pretty much be like with the Review Panel, appointing more reviewers to get the directory submissions flowing.

    However, can we trust you to appoint the right mods?

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    Night Owl

    Absolutely. I’d appoint people who I know are mature, know the rules and standards of the site, and who won’t abuse the power they have.

    Would you please expand on this comment. Are you proposing that members seeking each other’s advice on camera purchases should be considered a violation of forum guidelines? Perhaps you could explain how you would express this change in the forum rules and guidelines so that members are aware of this policy change? What other topics are there that might be deemed off-limits and deserving of deletion or locking?

    I think that there are quite a few threads that don’t specifically against the rules, but clutter up the forums. We’ve been having a lot of threads in General Brickfilming lately that were pretty much copies of older ones. Of course people pointed that out, but others (newbies in particular) kept posting in them, so we had around 4 or 5 threads where one would have sufficed. This could have been solved by deleting the thread, sending a PM to the author, and moving their post to the proper thread (eg. from the now deleted “my set” thread to the “Let Me See Your Set” thread).
    Of course I would alter the rules and guidelines to point that out.

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    Wow. Sounds pretty good, Night Owl. I like the idea of more mods, as well as the “Getting Started” idea.

    And yes, the “General Brickfilming” thread gets very cluttered.

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    Great, just ban everyone.

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    Great, just ban everyone.

    Why would anyone do that???

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    Night Owl

    I’ve been thinking about harsher policies when it comes to arguing that is plain disrespectful to others.

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