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    If I am elected to the position of Minister of Film Contests then I shall endeavor to make that Ministry fulfill its primary role: providing support and encouragement to the community of in their brickfilming activities.

    With that goal in mind, I would work to implement the following changes:

    Forum Restructuring

    • The “Official Contests” forum will be renamed back to its original “Contests and Film Festivals” and the “Unofficial Contests and Film Festivals” forum will be renamed to “Contest Proposals and Discussion”. Contests will not need to be sponsored by in order to be listed in the “Contests and Film Festivals” forum, but they will need to be well-organized, fairly administered, and recognized by (but not necessarily endorsed by) as being of interest to our community. (Official contests will be stickied and denoted as such in their thread title.)

      The “Contest Proposals and Discussion” forum will be provided for brainstorming contest ideas and working out the details such as rules, scheduling, judging, et cetera.

    Organizers Usergroup

    • I would have a new usergroup created whereby interested members could assist in the planning and administration of contests, plus the recruitment of sponsors. This usergroup would have a private forum available for times when such discussions should not be publicized (for example, when pursuing a corporate sponsorship of a prize).

      Another aspect of this usergroup will be to organize (and track) the procurement and ultimate dispensation of prizes. Members and outside interests have shown a willingness in the past to donate prizes and there needs to be assistance available to handle this generosity.

    Contest Promotion

    • The Minister of Film Contests would be given authorization to post announcements of contests and film festivals on the News page and the Events page. Contest organizers will be encouraged to create a Contest page in the Brickfilms Encyclopedia.

      In addition, diligent maintenance of the aforementioned contest forums will help to assure that members are aware of the status of active contests and approaching deadlines. Active contests and film festivals will be stickied, and outdated ones will, of course, be unstickied.

    If I am elected, there will be contests at and there will be a support system put in place to not only hold “official” contests, but to provide guidance and promotion for contests not directly sponsored by Brickfilms.

    Edited for grammar.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong, saulgoode, but it seems you have failed to answer three questions from the guidelines page. I only see two.

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think anyone made you the police of this forum? If the administrator has issue with this I am sure he will address it.

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    I like the seperate usergroup, and I would love to contribute to that

    So you have my support.

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    My apologies, chosen1.

    saulgoode, you seem like a worthy competitor. I wish you luck.

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    This and last year was engorged with too many official, semi-official and unofficial contests (IDEA, Nadine and Charlie, EASTER, MoB, countless unofficial ones), which limited and harmed all of the contests because of participant exhaustion and overload. Will you adopt a policy of limiting the number of contests each year and if not, why?

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    I’ll ask you the same question that I asked maggosh:

    As Minister, how would you handle the IDEA prizes? Richardfrost has yet to select a third prize, and our current minister has been MIA for some time now. If you were elected, what would you do to rectify this?


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    Maggosh, I wish you well in your campaign. Despite a few differences that I see in our platforms, I congratulate you on your willingness to assist in administering Brickfilms.


    LOTL, I completely disagree with your assessment of there having been too many contests over the last couple of years. Nor do I accept your attributing any lack of participation to such an alleged overabundance. Instead, I feel the deficiency has been in the embarrassingly low level of support, promotion, and guidance that has been provided by those whose administrative duties should include these very activities.

    It is NOT my intent to limit brickfilming contests to just one a year. Nor is it my intent to discourage those who wish to hold a contest from doing so. It IS my intent to provide support, coordination, and promotion to those who do decide to hold contests in these forums.


    MindGame, I would, of course, see resolution of any such problems as a critical duty of the Minister of Film Contests; however, I don’t feel comfortable providing a specific solution without knowledge of the planning by those who were involved with handling that contest. I will promise to pursue this issue without delay, should I be elected.

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    That is unfortunate. I am unsure now if I will submit a ballot for Minister of Film Contests at all, for I remain unsatisfied with all of the available candidates for this position.

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    How do you feel about time limits for official contests?

    Also, if I were to post a contest, would I automatically have to put it in the “Contest Proposals and Discussion” forum even if I already had all the details and prizes worked out?

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