Zero Hour: End of the World? (Greenlit)

The year: 2012
The day: Dec. 12

Some how a virus has been programmed into the TV network. Every show on TV has become a culdren of death, turning it's victims into faceless zombies!

With the world thrown into chaos small bands of survivors will emerge to descover who is behind earth's Zero Hour.


Story Writers:

Music Composers

Availible Voice Actors
VisualDreams(German Accent)
Jampot(Can do English, American, and French Accents)

Ideas for "Why":
NUMBA ONE[spoiler]Aliens were among us. Almost 2 years ago to this day they landed on Earth. People reacted with global fear, but it was for naught. When encountered, the aliens were in a sense human. They had morals, thought logically, and had our general respect for life. The sigh held onto for over a century was released. We had met extraterrestrials, and they were not the mindless killers many had claimed they would be. Then, one day, they were gone. As quickly as they came, they left, leaving only the message. This message said, "We were pleased to meet your people, but we have met others, and wish to continue our search for life, so now we take our leave." They were gone. A year passed and the excitement had died. It was around that time that the illnesses began. In small random groups people became more violent. More surprisingly these groups happened to be located in areas the aliens had landed. They were mad, and it was contagious. A sickness from the damned aliens, whether it was intentional I don't know. Small wars started, and each group that was attacked became as violent as their attackers. Small wars became National. National wars became global. The world is destroyed, the land barren, the survivors scared, fighting to survive, among our broken land, and our broken people. Life on Earth appears to be over. If you hear these words, you are hearing a day in the life of one of the last survivors of the Apocalypse. END RECORDING"[/spoiler]

NUMBA TWO[spoiler]1. TV (or the internet) transmits a zombie-esque disease but all the animators are in the middle of THAC (or just busy animating) when it happens and not watching TV so we're safe![/spoiler]