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    You’d need one hell of a long wire.

    Not to mention a complete idiot who wouldn’t notice it. Maybe a camcorder would work better.


    Darth Bocaj

    “BertL” wrote: Who says you actually need to use a webcam? You can just use a digital camera and then pretend it’s a webcam. It’s not like it’s going to capture itself on tape.

    Yeah I was think more along the lines of a digital camera. That’s what I use. Has anyone seen Cloverfield? (It’s somewhat recent). Here is a trailer: I got the idea of a person recording the events of the end of the world from that.

    Actually filming stop-motion in first person would probably be very hard. I have tried it before with my digital camera but the picture gets blurry. Can webcams get very close to what you’re animating without going out of focus?



    I animate with a camcorder, but it’s not great. Webcams can set really close to what you’re animating while staying in focus.



    You might want to look into doing making the “handheld camera” style a digital effect. LegoBrosJon has made a few trailers using a digital effect that gave the “handheld camera” style.



    Or an effect like the one in that WDLN news brickfilm…



    The handheld effect can be done in different ways, either on set or in post production. On set is more difficult since you’re creating artificial instability. In fact, this is what I did in my first Mediocre Hour episode and even then, it wasn’t actually animated, it was a sequence of video clips with me shaking the camera.

    In post production, you are just translating and rotating the video. After Effects’ wiggler can produce a random effect. However, you have to have a side cushion to make the effect less obvious (i.e. displacing the video far enough to show what’s beyond the sides of the video). This means shooting in high resolution and then enlarging the video. You can still shoot at normal 640×480 resolution, but pixelation will be obvious if you enlarge it to apply the handheld effect.


    Darth Bocaj

    I thought of an idea for a script building off bmwp’s script for the TV/Computer zombie virus. In this version, Brian dies. Also, the entire scene would be filmed in 1st person, from the camera’s point of view.


    Brian is on his computer. His webcam on his desk recording the end of his THAC6 documentary.

    The following is seen through his webcam:

    Brian: “It’s almost six in the morning, which is the end of THAC6. I’m looking forward to getting a good nights rest. Once again, I’ve worked right up to the deadline to get my entry, Zero Hour, done.”

    He pauses for a moment, and then continues.

    Brian:“The reason I had to work all twenty-four hours is that I decided to change the story by killing off the main character. I think it’ll add a nice twist. Well, I hope you’ll enjoy-“

    Brian is interrupted by a loud knock on his window. He turns around and looks out it and gasps.

    Brian: “No! That can’t be possible! It was just-“

    The window smashes open, causing Brian to jump back in fright. A zombie pokes it’s head through the window and climbs down into Brian’s. More zombies follow. Brian’s dying screams are heard as another zombie lunges at the webcam. The webcam falls on it’s side as the camera feed bursts into static.

    Fade to black.

    Fade into the title, “Zero Hour: End of the World.”

    I would like to help with script writing and if possible, I would very much like to at least film this scene.



    That sounds like a great opening scene to me.



    Instead of it poking it’s head through the window couldn’t it bang it’s head through the door or knock it down.



    Just so we’re all clear, what kind of zombies are these going to be?
    Like I Am Legend where they are fast moving crazy flying monkeys,
    or regular 80’s zombies that are slow and fall apart?

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