Why Lego®

With so many options for creating stop motion movies, why choose Lego? The first reason— because it’s fun. When you were younger, did you spend hours fighting plastic fires or jumping on your bed with a space shuttle? Brickfilms are a way to capture these stories and new ones. Lego has been around for over fifty years and helped children of all ages create many different characters and settings. With Lego, it is possible to tell nearly any story.

Recently, Lego has created sets based on classic and blockbuster movies making it even more enticing for Brickfilm enthusiasts to re-create or imagine their own interpretation of movies and television shows. Whether it’s Star Wars or Harry Potter, they have been remaking favorite movies in block format; just begging for a recreation

Along with fun and nostalgia, Brickfilm makers love the different challenges of telling a story using Legos. Brickfilms take an extreme amount of patience. The small details are what set your video above the others. First, creating a set can be very simple or highly detailed and complex. Also, creating strong characters using minifigs can be a challenge as they don’t show emotion and can only be manipulated in certain ways. Lego has few moving parts. For a beginning animator, clay and other stuff like clay can be very intimidating. It is harder to manipulate and easier to make slight changes in position. However, these differences also make brickfilms difficult. Imagine trying to convey surprise or happiness. Lego figures can only turn their heads. So A lot of the fun is embracing this and finding other ways to create strong characters or characters which can show a range of emotion.

Whether you’re just beginning creating stop motion or have been doing it for years, Lego are the perfect medium to match your skill level.