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0 Comment January 12, 2021

DRAGON SONG: A LEGO Star Wars Brickfilm

DRAGON SONG is my first Lego Star Wars brickfilm. I am a composer and a saxophonist in the main and always wanted a brickfilm video for one of my songs. This year, due to a lot of spare time, I completed my life’s wish… DRAGON SONG is an epic tale/song of the neverending fight between the forces of good and evil. Inspired also by my other great love besides Lego, which is all things Star Wars related… It took a better part of half of the year to make because I did almost everything myself, including the original music score, animation, MOC building in the video, and so on…  Other people involved are mentioned in my YouTube video post…

I hope everyone will like it as much as I do… ENJOY!!!!