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The rules for Brickfilms are not hard and fast and techniques and ideas change frequently. The mission of this website is to serve as a platform for all Brickfilm makers, beginners to experts. It is not only our goal to provide information on the production and technical aspects of Brickfilms, but to create excitement about Brickfilming. With all the information on this site, all you need is to bring your imagination.

Getting Started

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Brickfilms have increased in popularity and there are many degrees of Brickfilm creators out. You may be picking up Brickfilms as a hobby. Or maybe you are looking to make a career out of animating or trying to get a movie entered into a festival. Either way there are a couple things to remember. Stop motion takes patience… lots of patience. An example of this is Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. The entire production took nearly 52 weeks. Each week they only got two minutes of stop motion footage. For most, this challenge adds to the fun.

Something else to keep in mind is that no matter how big or small your project, you are creating a movie set. In stop motion you get to play God. You create the set, the characters, the story, the movement, and everything else. Take time to develop your story and not rush into the production. By following a few simple steps, your stop motion film will be that much easier to capture, and turn out better in the end. Most important, have fun. For most, stop motion is a great hobby and should be something that you love to do.


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