Copyright Craze

CopyrightAfter a year without releasing any films, LB’s back with a brand new film, Copyright Craze. It is by far our best film yet and has exceptional picture quality (largely due to SMP’s frame averaging feature). In this film there are many references to other great brickfilms made by awesome brickfilmers. So, before watching Copyright Craze we recomend you watch the
following films if you already haven’t (so you can fully enjoy the film):

[url=]Great Microbiologists[/url] by RevMen

[url=]History of the Bushranger Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang[/url] by Hali

[url=]Out Of Time[/url] by Buxton

[url=]Rise of the Empire[/url] by Jay Silver

[url=]The Hand of Fate[/url] by DigiDave

[url=]The Mystery of The Ewok[/url] by Bluntman

We’d also like to mention that disrespecting copyrights and using other’s content without permission is illegal and can lead to heavy fines, jail, and other nasty things. All characters, dialogue, and footage from other brickfilms used in Copyright Craze were used under the full permission of their directors.
Author: Lieberman Bros.