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    I say ASAP



    Tomarrow would be the best.



    What I meant is that it’s June and the BAMPAs are still nowhere to be seen.

    Actually I have the results in an excel spreadsheet right now, but whatever.

    Though I can sympathize with some amount of frustration, you must understand that the judges this year had a very daunting and likewise pretty dull task at hand. Things happened slower than I would have liked, and Watson disappeared for like a month, but things finally came together. I’m pretty sure you can wait a few more days before knowing films were decided the best on average by a panel of BAMPA judges.

    You could apply to be a judge next year if you’re disappointed with the panel’s performance this year, but I’m not sure I’d accept you since you seem to be snivelingly negative about the whole process.



    Actually I have the results in an excel spreadsheet right now, but whatever.

    Makes me glad I havn’t been negative!



    I’d have to say sometime this or next weekend would work the best for me. I’ll be going somewhere for a while around the 23-25.


    Pip the Mighty

    “BertL” wrote: As soon as possible, Dragoon. We’re in June already. A Friday or Saturday, maybe the 15th/16th.

    As a judge, I’d have to say that those days aren’t good. I’m graduating that weekend.



    And let’s not forget the distraction of the elections and the following server troubles (with both brickfilms and postbrickfilms1.wpengine.com). Those certainly didn’t help some of us in getting our nominations done.

    It is embarrassing that half of 2007 is almost over and we’re just now about to say what we think was best in 2006, but that’s the fault of the administration and judges, not the program. I think the BAMPAs are great and the thought put into them has paid off, so for those frustrated at the delays, don’t just give up on the BAMPAs and start thinking of alternative award programs. We’re always up for tweaking, and as Dragoon said, we’re probably going to have to overhaul the judging process or judge list this year.

    Or people can start making better films and increase the enthusiasm for judging. 😛

    Cometgreen, who would put his vote in for this Saturday (I don’t get home until 11pm EST on weekdays)

Viewing 7 posts - 111 through 117 (of 117 total)

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