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    I am exploring involving some different judges other than just myself and Mommy Monkey for the upcoming 2014 Brickfilmer’s Guild Film Festival. For the last two years, Mommy Monkey and myself have been the only judges for the festival and I would like to bring in a panel of judges to be involved for the third installment of the contest. I would like to get a representative from BiM, Brickfilms.com, Brick à Brack, Brickboard, and possibly other brickfilming sites such as Set Bump to judge the final round. I would personally narrow down the entries so that the final round has only 20-40 brickfilms for the panel to judge.
    Please give me your thoughts and opinions about doing this and perhaps it can be implemented. I hope to have the rules posted some time in September. The rules will be similar to last year with a few small tweaks.


    It sounds like agood idea. But where is this festival?


    Yeah I would LOVEEE to enter. I mean i havent entered into any festival or contest before and i have heard its pretty fun. It will also give me ideas of a brickfilm i should make and will probably motivate me to make a longer one then the ones i have made before.


    But the thing is most people or in school and will probably not be able to have time to make brickfilms so maybe you can make the rules a little sooner so other young brickfilmer will be able to make a script and animate,then when school comes around they only need to edit which may take a few days.Anyways, I would like to represent for Brickfilms.com,I mean i might be alittle too young but I’ll atleast try. I am guessing that fourmonkey is a european because I posted the first one at like 12:00pm and it says i posted it at 5:00pm.


    I watched the 2013 and a part of 2012 and this contest will motivate me to try to make the best brickfilm I can make so I am really excited for this to happen. I support this to make it happen! This will probably give me an idea quicker then it is right now (Its been about a week and a half).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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