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    Hello everyone.

    A short break from the ‘Fest to post a movie link. The file is a bit large (54 MB-the one submitted to the competition) but as we’re at the fest-we’d thought we’d give you guys something before we got home. Of course, a smaller file will be on the way next week.





    Just downloaded it. I’ll watch it at ease after dinner!




    Nice 😀
    It was interesting how you made the background move instead of
    The cars, the only problem was that sometimes when the cars
    Were animated as going incredibly fast the wheels were not moving
    At all which was quite alarming, almost as if the land the car was
    On was rotating around and around as if the earth was spinning
    Very, very fast and there car was floating over it. The animation
    Was very smooth and clean, But the film quality could have been
    Improved quite a bit. The music was good but that has nothing to do
    With how the film is placed in the competition 😛
    Nice Job



    Good Job! I liked how the music fit the action on-screen, it was so funny at the end, with the bloopers. “I thought animators were supposed to be patient” The picture quality could have improved a lot, but I can’t say much else was bad about it. Nice job, guys!


    Shootin Bricks

    The picture quality could have improved a lot

    But the film quality could have been
    Improved quite a bit

    Really? Do tell…



    Great Job Guys! 8) I loved the music, and the animation! 😀



    *** spoilers ahead ***

    By chance, or by fate, I watched this film yesterday. Needless to say, Doug and Jared’s film had some things in common with this one.

    I loved the cars, especially the horse-like one. It was animated amazingly well, conveying exactly what it was meant to be: a mechanical horse: that alone is worth a round of applause. Can we, by any chance, have some instructions or photos?

    Furthermore, I’m amazed by how well you succeeded in creating the sense of speed. Apart from the few scenes where the wheels weren’t moving, it looked really good. The backdrop made it really believable that we were indeed in a vast landscape. Attention to detail in the elements in the foreground completed the suggestion.

    On the second watching I found it more funny than on the first: there are lots of details that go by too fast. The wheels looked “wrong” in some scenes, but I’m sure you moved them as you animated. In this case, I think a motion blur (or just a blur) would have worked miracles. Doug – you’re Da Painta 5 man – why not try it? Even if it’s just for one shot: I’d love to see what difference it makes.

    I can see how judging is going to be difficult!

    P.S. I agree with Doug: I don’t see much room for improvement. It’s supposed to be a fast-moving film, and it really has this feeling that’s all over the films of the early 1900’s.




    Downloading now… gonna take a while on dial-up though. Glad I don’t have any dl caps!



    The Janitor

    “wandrer2” wrote:
    Furthermore, I’m amazed by how well you succeeded in creating the sense of speed.

    This is exactly what I was thinking as I watched this film. The great sense of speed added tons to the quality of the film. Nice work, guys!



    HUFF, I’ve seen dirty moves but you Doug I am ashamed. That oil slick wasn’t very nice to those redskins :lol:.

    Many of you have said the quality could’ve improved but as Wandrer says it emphasizes on the “feel” of the film. It also could be possible you are comparing quality of Doug (& Jared’s) film to Hali’s film. Yes the picture was cleaner, but thats how the scene was shot.

    I found this film much more appealing than Hali’s film. Reasons why; well for one I have never heard of a song by the band “the Cure”

    Doug’s film on the other hand was very Cartoony and it reminded me of waking up on Saturday morning watching Cartoons. I believe Doug has finally succeeded in making his own Cartoon.

    Job well done

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