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    Hey gang,

    The movie bug has me firmly in its grip! Here is a lil quickie, made with 2 minifigs, a piece of FIMO and some inkjet prints for backgrounds.

    I’m learning Adobe Premiere and there are still a few hiccups. Perhaps I’ll smooth this one out, maybe I’ll just do better on film #3.

    Here it is, enjoy!
    (Right-click and save as…)

    2.18 MB RealMedia

    2.24 MB AVI File

    Will Best Buy sue me? Or will they just fire me? Stay tuned, cuz I’m sending it to them! We have a quarterly video for employees and maybe they will include it.




    And I bet that is based on a REAL life experience no doubt Dave??

    Very funny… The backdrops really turned out quite well to me.





    That was awsome! The set was astounding, and the story was short, yet hillarious.

    “I want a MegaPickle!”




    how did you do that? bluescreen?
    You had a really funny script, and that animation is top-notch! I like your movies. They’re nice and easy to understand (and they’re darn funny!)



    “Ferder” wrote: how did you do that? bluescreen?

    Nope… think LOW-tech! I took some photos of the inside of Best Buy and made plain-paper inkjet prints. I used plain paper so the colors would be softer and not have any reflections.

    I learned one thing… make the prints larger and move them farther back. I still managed to bump the background a few times. I’ve been sick and wasn’t up to re-shooting much, but I did a few times.

    You can also see the wire I used to “fly” the pickle. Now that I have a new server to host images, look for a tutorial on makin stuff fly…



    gotta love the good ol’ low-tech! (it try and use it whenever possible).
    BTW what set comes with the head of the old man?


    Mr. Less

    That was awesome! I want a Mega Pickle!



    Hi D_D,

    loved this one. I hope it will stirr a flood of short, high quality one-joke brickfilms.

    -> Its much more entertainment to see one short film a day than 30 materpieces every 4 months. (nothing againts contests, though)




    Wow! It just goes to show: the simpler the better.
    I never noticed the wire.
    I don’t see why best buy would not like this film. Good luck!



    LOL! Very nice, the background looks better than bluescreening.
    The animation was good the voice acting too,
    in fact I cannot find anything bad about the film!
    Best Buy would like it :wink .

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