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    Me and Amped’s joint entry to Richard Frost’s Anne Frank in Bricks challenge. Due to the deadline (and Richard breathing down our necks :P) we had to end the movie short, but a special edition is in order.


    Windows Media, 13 minutes, 24 MB





    Wow, the dialogue was looped, but it was a very good loop! Often the torsos wouldn’t move at all, only the arms, and no light flicker. It almost looked cool. 😛
    The ghost trails got on my nerves, since they weren’t in Weird Ears’ trailer.
    It will be interesting to see if Tom’s will beat this.




    That, was MORE worse than Motfilms’s version.
    I laughed out crying at the random bit when they had the two dogs fighting. 😆
    The Homestar Runner refrence was funny too.
    Great job, Karatedude. Great job. :wink
    -LG, who’s obviously gonna lose to the contest now. 😥
    EDIT: Oh, and I even spotted a refrence to the ‘Chinese bombing Pearl Harbor’ bit from my entry. 😆
    [spoiler]Anne: Kohalas don’t live in Mexico, father; they live in Australia.[/spoiler]



    Hmm, that was really strange. I thought it was funny how there were two different sets of characters. There were some good film references in there, and I cracked up over KG’s vocals.

    This should be interesting to see who wins!




    try spoiler tags people. :roll



    Thanks for the comments folks, I have yet to watch it all though…



    This one’s going to win.




    That was good, in some parts was a bit dragging, so that’s why I prefer Mot’s film, but still, I like, and it was hillarious. 🙂

    Anne: I almost got killed by Nazis, due to your bad supervision!
    Mother: I have supervision? Wow!

    Anne: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooohohoooohoooohooo (on and on)



    ive sort of notice Kd is much more funnier than my mainly because all the comments are about his humour 😛



    “Amped” wrote: … I have yet to watch it all though…

    That is why Blunty stressed the use of spoiler tags. :wink

    Well, I watched it and liked it. It had some great gags and some nice send-ups to some of Weirdears other productions. I particularly liked the “Bow Hunting” bit and the Anne-in-drag part. The ending was rather abrupt so I am looking forward to the Special Edition.[/spoiler]

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 25 total)

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