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    Nobody’s picked up on this, and Todd hasn’t posted here yet, so I thought I’d provide a link:



    Like the rest of you, I saw the message when it was posted to LUGNET. I actually expected more than just one response.

    What does PDX stand for, anyway?



    coolness, yet another contest on my to-do list, well that is when it comes…

    -Chris, who hopes to goto Brickfest some day



    Hey, here’s is the post that you have all been waiting for before you submit your ideas, right?

    Anyway, no conspiracy here, I posted to Lugnet first because I wanted to follow one board at a time.

    For those of you that do not know, my summers are usually full of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I am a volunteer that patrols some of the lakes in Georgia in an effort to help boaters and keep them safe. The summer is obviously very busy and I have to date participated in the rescue of $383,000 dollars worth of personal property and saved 16 lives. So please excuse me for not posting this to the Brickfilms board. I have only had one opportunity to check Lugnet in the last week.

    Now that I will have more time, Labor Day marks the end of regularly scheduled boating activities for me, I would like to solicite the members here for their ideas.

    What kind of contest would you like to see?

    I want ideas. I want suggestions.

    Here is some details about what I intend.

    The official announcement will come to this and other boards in middle of September.

    The deadline will be January 21st, 2004.

    The submission format will be more open than in the recent past. CD-Roms will be allowed as a submission format, but the organizers will not be responsible if they fail to convert your submission to videotape.

    Students in the Portland area from K-12 will be invited to participate and a separate division of the competition maybe created to seperate these participants out.

    Film schools from around the country will be invited to participate. They too may be separated out into a different division.

    No animation will be allowed to go over 5 minutes. I need ideas on how to have a separate thing for longer animated films.

    Ideas, Ideas, send me ideas, posted here of course.



    Mr. Less

    How about a mockumentary film? Like A Mighty Wind…



    Right after the WoW competetion is over!
    What luck!

    An idea that has been tossed around has been an Ancient
    themed contest – maybe Roman, or Greco-Roman, etc.

    If you say “Wait until Sept. 23rd”, I’m probably going to die
    laughing. (For those of you unlucky enough to miss Quake-
    Con 2003, almost all of the sponsors made certain announce-
    ments at QuakeCon, but most of it was saved for Sept 32rd)

    Argh… Nforce 3.0…. AMD 64…. *drool*



    I think a book theme would be really cool. Pick a book and everyone can do their interpretation of it. Since we’re all using the same material, the “points” would be awarded based on how well the sets were designed, how well the minifigs were animated, how well the audio sounds, etc. I was looking at the BrickFest 2003 entries and it seems to me that a competition with entries so diverse would be hard – they’re just so different. Hali’s A Forest is simply no comparison to something like A Grand and Merry Race. The animation is totally different, the subjects are totally different, the SFX are not even close. If we were all working off the same material I think it would be really interesting to see the different interpretations.


    How about a person-based documentary competition? Pick a person (Theodore Roosevelt!! :D) and everybody can do their own research and learn a lot about whoever it is, then they do a film about him. You could either do a documentary-style film like Great Microbiologists or you could ‘act it out’. Make a “Teddy Roosevelt” minifig and have him charge San Juan Hill or wrestle with his kids in the hall of the White House (both of which he did, by the way). This would be a little more open – there’s a lot more diverse information on a person than you can get from a book. Entries here would be pretty diverse, but all on the same subject (which I think I would like).

    Or… (just had a new thought)

    This is along the lines of WaltFlanigan’s “pickle” idea. (do a contest with a “pickle” theme). How about a dictionary? A dictionary is a little more sensible than a pickle (though I like both [as a contest theme] – I don’t like to EAT pickles) and could come up with some interesting word choices or even some interesting interpretations. Someone might do something where someone reads a few obscure words, someone might do something about chunking dictionaries at each other…who knows.

    ~Aerandir, ending his longest post to date. Is there a char limit on these posts??

    EDIT: (!)

    “Todd” wrote: The submission format will be more open than in the recent past. CD-Roms will be allowed as a submission format, but the organizers will not be responsible if they fail to convert your submission to videotape.

    Will we be notified if our entry fails to convert? It’s substantially cheaper to send a CD through the mail than a VHS tape and if one sends your entry in early enough, there may be time to send a VHS tape if the CD fails.

    I would like to see a separate division created for the Film Schools, I think. They probably have an edge in technology we don’t have – better cameras, better microphones, better software, etc. Besides the ability to put five students on the project full-time. I don’t think I would mind the Portland students being included in the general competition. The more the merrier, at any rate.

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