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    Here is it! http://youtu.be/NCFLfynQaTc
    My very first movie, I still cringe through parts of it.
    I had a blast and learned a LOT! Brickfilming is the pefect match for my weird interests and odd collection of technical tricks.

    Give me your reviews and be honest! I need you folks to help me hone my craft.

    Ok.. enough rambling.. I have a bunch of cool movies to download and watch! Woo Hoo!




    Well it is a really well animated film and as a first it shows true talent.
    Magnificent voice acting (was it actually done by two people… there`s just so much variety there?)


    A funny event and one that is sure to appeal to all brickfilmers. The title is a little too spoilerish, though, as it gives away the idea!

    more after a second viewing:

    -missed the first time: so the “higher animator” is tired too and that is why the “lower animator” is making mistakes… WE LOVE THE IDEA OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE OF MOVING MATTER AS A STOP MOTION ANIMATION MOVIE

    -well the story is unfinished: why is it that this poor protagonist (the minifig one) is the only one to see the ***d?! Is it that he`s the only one looking that direction? Because out on the streets it HAS to be seen by others, too!

    -the ending is kind of post post modern the way there is 1: an animator feeling sorry for making his ***d show in a movie that is all about it showing there AND 2: it is his own (presumably) ***d showing “mistakenly”, suggesting he is animating himself?!… (lost it)



    Digital Dave, I watched your film first because of your setup. And your film lived up to the setup. That was amazing.

    Great X Ray. You made me laugh a ton each time it showed your finger!
    Great job for thinking out of the box!!




    woah dave! 😮
    When you said to me that the guy sees things I was wondering what it was..
    What a great idea! good pircture quali, animation, set design, lighting, dialogs, the idea at all!..
    And I loved the effect at the end! youre photoshop skills are amazing!
    and that is a first movie? c’mon dont lie to me!;)





    I though I would be the first one to appear in his own film! 😆




    O.k, i’ve just gotta say . . .

    OH MY!!

    This was cool. !!!! Cool animation, i know you’ve been practicing, I liked the use of “HEY THAT’S MY MONKEY.”

    The x – ray machine was really cool, and the hand made my mum laugh everytime





    This is the only one I’ve seen so far. I’m trying to avoid commenting on the films until I’ve seen them all, but I just have to say that the “Oh, just a bunch of bones” line made me laugh out loud. Nice fx, too.



    “Buxton” wrote: This is the only one I’ve seen so far. I’m trying to avoid commenting on the films until I’ve seen them all, but I just have to say that the “Oh, just a bunch of bones” line made me laugh out loud. Nice fx, too.

    That’s exactly what I wanted to say.
    But I add some more words:
    First of all I think the animation was great!
    Then the jokes were really cool 😆
    it was also pretty cool seeing the life of a minifig.



    I was waiting for long the first entry of our belgium-boy friend ! 🙂

    So, as always, spoilers :

    I had a similar idea in mind about mixing live & minifig action, but this is very well done. Everything is really well made : sets, props (X-ray), the story, ALL the characters, then post-prod, lighting, etc.
    What catched me the most is when I’ve seen the first time the hand : I rewind the movie and tell to myself : “Didn’t I SEE fingers ???”. Until the 2 apparition of the hand, I had doubt about it…
    So you really had me AS you had your minifig. This is really well done and I loved the conclusion, when your girlfriend ask you to have a sleep.
    This is SOOO true !
    So a really enjoyable job. I rate it 9/10 for fun (10 being reserved for God).




    I really enjoyed it and laughed on more than one occassion. The quality of it was amazing. Very well done. Very well done.

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