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    Hi there,

    Since the deadline of the APE contest is near I wonder, how to compress my film, that the film is

    submitted in enough formats to be readable by Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers (No .wmv only entries this time!)

    I would use RealMedia 9 (with EHQ) and DivX5.1 since I believe both can be played on all major platforms (Win >= 98, MacOS > 9, decent Linux) but I am not sure of that. So what would the users of non Win32 systems suggest?

    Dont ask for it, you won’t get DVD quality MPEG2 😆




    I think xVid is Linux-friendly – not sure about Mac though. I’ve just started playing around with it and I’m pretty impressed. It doesn’t put a logo in the corner of your picture and it handles stark contrasts (like my OP logo) a lot better than DivX.



    RM and DivX is usable on mac.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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