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    I’ve been hearing from a number of people that they could use more time to get their entries finished.

    I don’t want to be unfair to people who have worked hard so that they could make the existing deadline, but I also want to encourage as many entries as possible.

    Should I extend the deadline another 2 weeks? Or should 9 weeks be enough, and I leave the deadline as is?



    I have, and always will be, a stickler for rules.

    The initial time period was set and it is that time limit that allows a film maker to determine the scope of their project.

    Hypothetically, if I was entering and had planned a film of certain scope within the time constraints, I’d be annoyed that others were asking for an extension becasue their films have outgrown the time limit.

    Additionally, deadlines are good things. There are a number of people around here who do their best work with a deadline slowly looming.

    (PS. I’ve always had a niggling feeling that the lack of time limit to entries may have been an issue, is this the case? Are people thinking they don’t have the time to finish their epic?)



    Quite honestly, it’ll take a lot of people saying they need additional time before I extend the deadline, not just a simple majority. I do like sticking to rules, but not at the expense of the success of the contest. If I get the impression that a significant increase in the number of entries would occur because of an extension, we’ll do it. Otherwise, plan on going with the original deadline.


    Lieberman Bros.

    It be nice to have more time and to have more entries, but it, as Hali said, may be unfair to some. Yet the poll only says one person disagrees, why not judge it by people who want a longer deadline have to have 10 times as many as those who don’t and those who don’t care are neutral? I, personnally could use the extra time for I didn’t get a chance to work over the holidays, but that is my fault. In the end it’s your choice Rev, I just say if you can please alot of people without disgrunting too many others, then why not.



    Hmmm, doesn’t sound half bad. maybe I can get two entires in. 😀


    David West

    YES!!! Ever since the beginning I’ve though that the deadline was two short and that it should have gone atleast 2 weeks longer, maybe even a whole month. Why? Because when entries are being judged 50% on story, that seems to imply that the films will be slightly longer and more thought out than most animations, which in turn suggests that films will have more dialogue and will therefore need more time to work on a script. I for one have been through FIVE scripts, and I’ve just recently got one that I like. Not to mention the fact that we do have jobs, school, lives, etc. etc. etc. that take up quite some time. I for one get home at around 3:20PM from school every day and then have about 45 minutes to 1 hour of homework. Right there you’re already up to almost 4:30. We all have to eat, so we’ll add 30 mintes to eat. Okay, 5 or 5 hours to film. Plenty of time right? Wrong. You have to remember that many of us have family that need to use the computer too. For the most part my mom and my brother are the only other ones that use it, but my bro plays games on it for hours. Now I remember how excited that every one was to get started during the holidays when there was no school and working people got some vacation. That was all fine and dandy save for one thing, many of us travelled to visit relatives for a couple days (maybe even a week or more) and were no were near a computer. So we could work on our scripts, this to has one small problem. I don’t know about you, but I for one like to spend time with my family at Christmas, and sitting in a corner scratchig away on some paper doesn’t seem very sociable. Yah, I’m almost positive that I will be able to finish before the deadline if it isn’t extended, but an extra two or three weeks would help me and many others’ animations seem much less rushed.

    Well, thats my 2 cents on the matter.



    As much as I’d love for a nice little boost in schedule, the rules seem quite acceptable. Part of suceeding in a contest is the ability to complete an entry for the deadline. I don’t recall the Olympics being suspended because a sprinter didn’t train over the holidays.

    On the other hand, this contest (which, personally, I think should be termed as “competition”, as the judging is based on the film, rather than randomnly. Contest just sounds like lottery) is a hard one to write for. With 50% weighted on story, those wishing to suceed need a good script. Secondly, the way it looks, the competition will be filled with rushed entries(no offence to any of those that are putting serious work into their fims). I’d hate for an undeserving film to win SMP. It is, a competition, not a contest.

    In the end, I’d side with an extension, if not simply to resurrect my falling entry. Though protagonists should be punished for their laziness, I’d much rather have a better competition as opposed to one with rushed films. Those who’ve finished films already aren’t at a loss, they simply have more time to polish their entries. I don’t see any reason for any person to submit more than one entry when there are bound to be flaws in any film completed so quickly.

    Logan, ending a fairly substantial lurking session.



    I could really use some more time to work on my entry. I’m afraid that it either would not get done in time for the current deadline, or it would be finished, but it would feel rushed.


    The Janitor

    The original rules are certainly fair, as they are, in fact, the original rules. But I know that we could all benefit from an extension, not just those of us that are slackers. Unless someone decides to use those two weeks to, like, delete random frames from their film or something.

    Hali mentioned that deadlines are a good thing. I agree. And with the extension, we would still have one. So no problems! (Just messing with you, Hali. I have to agree with teachers all day. It feels nice to disagree with one once in a while.)



    “hali” wrote:
    Additionally, deadlines are good things. There are a number of people around here who do their best work with a deadline slowly looming.

    *COUGH* who me? :wink

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