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    Hello all,

    As you might know, I am currently very busy with archiving the Film Directory of this website. This means downloading and storing every available film. I also keep a database of the films, just for convenience. At this point I’ve gone through the first 500 films, and I thought it’s time to call in for help.

    Unfortunately, after more than 5 years of the directory existing, not all films are available. That means I don’t have a complete archive. This is where you people come in.

    The current (not final design) archive website can be found here. On there you can find the database (it’s a Microsoft Excel file) I’ve updated so far, and also a list with films unavailable.

    You can find a list of unavailable films here. There are 88 unavailable films at this point, and I want that number going down! Oh yeah, I’ve already contacted flash1015 and Nathaniel Jones about their films.

    (NOTE: By “Unavailable”, I mean “Unavailable in the archives”, not “Unavailable in the directory”.)

    To those who want to help out: I was hoping that you could make contact with any of the directors above (telling them about the archives and stuff), getting their films one way or another, and then send the films to me. Please do not send me films that can be downloaded from the directory, eventually I will come across them myself.

    Also, I am not looking for people who want to help archiving stuff. I don’t think it’s very handy if you have one person with a part of the archive stored, and one person with another part of the archive stored. I just need a hand getting unavailable films.

    Thanks and stuff,


    PS Spread the Love!


    Nick Durron

    Thank you, BertL. Somebody needed to do this eventually. 🙂

    As for Duel at Kamino, Smeagol uploaded a version to Brickshelf after PostBrickFilms went down. This version can be downloaded here.



    I think Jake Techinic vs Dr Cyber can be found here somewhere.

    By the way, I just checked, and the Historical Fiction Awards Show is available for download here. If that doesn’t work, I’ll PM you the file I downloaded.



    “Nick Durron” wrote: As for Duel at Kamino, Smeagol uploaded a version to Brickshelf after PostBrickFilms went down. This version can be downloaded here.

    Whoops, I didn’t notice I had never changed the link in the directory when I rehosted my site…it’s been fixed now.


    Night Owl

    BertL, what you’re doing is really awesome.
    Do you think you could then convert the films to .mp4 format for viewing on iTunes? That would make you a god.



    Here be Diplomacy by Rev and the Janitor. I saw it on the unavailable list.




    Here be the trailer for AFIB. … railer.wmv



    Thanks, Aled, I found more unavailable films in there. Also thanks to acericardo. :mrgreen:


    There’s a bit of a mistake in the unavailable films directory file, Bert. Half of the links point to the directory page for Brick Fiction (22), and most of those other links point to the wrong directory pages all in all.
    Just thought I’d point that out. In the complete archive file, of course, this is no problem.

    You’re doing an awesome job Bert, you keep doin’ whatchoo doin’! I’m not sure what would be the entire purpose, but hey, it’s pretty cool.


    Matt Gillan

    Woah. Amazing work Bertl. Keep going!

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