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    Elvis Leftfield

    Hello everyone.

    I don’t know if there’s anyone left on Brickfilms who remembers me, or Leftfielder, or Dwayne Leftfield, or even Leftfield Studios at all. Several years ago, before the Great Unpleasantness, my Studio-mates and I were quite active on the forums, and produced movies with some frequency. If you’ve heard of anything we’ve done, it’s probably “Special Deliverance,” “Fred’s Day,” “Aladibababad,” or our 74 minute magnum opus, “Star Wars: The Great Disturbance.”

    Lots of things have changed since those days. I haven’t visited this site in years. We all went to college, and graduated from it. One of the guys is married and has a kid. We’ve grown up.

    But one thing hasn’t changed: we still love to make movies, whenever we have the time. We’ve continued, at a slow pace, to make stop-motion films, and started branching out into live-action spoofs. In fact, within a month we will be releasing a brand-new brickfilm, clocking-in at almost 20 minutes long. The title: “Meet the Beatless.” Yes, that’s the spelling. Yes, it’s hilarious.

    Whether you’ve never heard of us before, or you’re an old forum buddy that we’ve lost touch with, or you just want to see some darn good brickfilms…

    Subscribe to our You Tube channel:

    “Like” on facebook: … l&filter=1

    And check us out at our website:

    We’re back in business in a big way, and I hope you’ll join us for the ride!





    YOU. ARE. BACK!!!! *faints*



    There is nobody here



    “before the Great Unpleasantless”. Sounds like you guys really had a hard time before when you were starting out here in the forum. You I’ve only been in here recently and everything is really great in here. And I get to learn a lot from the members.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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