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    Brick Fest 2003 Home Movie Festival

    The organizers of the annual Brick Fest would like to announce the Brick
    Fest 2003 Animation Competition and a separate Home Movie Festival to be
    held during the gathering on August 8, 9, and 10 in Arlington, Virginia.

    Home Movie Festival

    The Home Movie Festival will be a showcase of video from individuals or
    groups wanting to video tape themselves, their creations, or both. There
    will be no award for this category, but it is hoped that entries will be
    submitted that run a broad range. Groups may wish to submit the videos of
    shows that they have done. Train clubs might edit a montage of scenes of
    their layouts. Individuals might submit animations or time lapse video of
    their greatest creations. Some might just want to show off their
    collections. The videos can include audio of those seen on camera, a music
    overlay, or both. The videos are expected to range from amateur to
    professional in production values.

    All videos should be of appropriate content for an audience of all ages
    including children, adults, parents, and grandparents. Any video with
    objectionable content will not be considered or shown. The term
    “objectionable” is at the sole discretion of the Brick Fest 2003 Organizing

    All videos are limited to 3 minutes or 180 seconds in length. Credits and
    information related to the video are allowed and are limited to 30 seconds.
    The total length of the video including content and credits is 3:30 minutes
    or 210 seconds. Any video exceeding that length will simply be cut off
    during the editing process to produce a single running tape.

    All entries must be submitted on VHS or Mini-DV video cassette tape using
    the NTSC standard. Entries submitted on DVD will be permitted provided that
    prior arrangement is made of the Festival Coordinator, contact information
    provided at the bottom of this announcement. All video tape cassettes must
    be labeled with the group or individual name.

    Individuals or groups may submit more than one entry, but the entries must
    be ordered on the tape in an order of priority. The first video on the tape
    will be used in the Home Movie Festival guaranteed. If time allows, the
    second entry will be added to the program. A third and fourth entry may even
    be included in the program depending on the response to this festival. A
    total program length between 45 and 60 minutes is planned. If more than 60
    minutes of first priority entries arrive prior to the submission deadline,
    then a selection criteria will be posted to the Internet that arrives at a
    fair way of selecting 60 minutes of video to be shown. Regardless or the
    number of entries, all attempts will be made to find a means of showing all
    entries in some forum at the convention.

    You need not attend the Brick Fest 2003 Convention to submit an entry into
    the Home Movie Festival.

    No fee is required for your entry

    All entries must be accompanied by an entry form. Please visit the Brick
    Fest web site at for an entry form that you must
    fill out and send in with the video.

    Entry deadline is July 31, 2003. Any entry not received at the address below
    on July 31, 2003 will be returned unopened. Please be aware that you must
    send this prior to the 31st of July in order for it to be received by that date.

    Entries may be returned to the sender if a self-addressed and postage paid
    return mailer is included. The sender must either double box or have a label
    provided with the postage paid for a return of their video. This is
    potentially more expensive than sending a copy of an original work, but is a
    service gladly provided if the sender is willing to pay the cost. Entries
    will be returned if they meet these criteria following the Brick Fest 2003

    Please contact the following organizers with comments or questions:

    Todd S. Thuma
    [email protected]

    Send entries to:

    Brick Fest Home Movie Festival
    1325 Cedar Shoals Drive
    Unit 200
    Athens, GA 30605



    I want to make certain that everyone is aware that the rules regarding submission format, while they are specific, are not intended to prevent anyone from being able to submit an entry. If you are located in a country not using the NTSC format, and I know of only one continent doing so, you can still enter.

    I simply need you to contact me to discuss alternatives to the NTSC format and a video tape medium. If you contact me, I can research other methods of converting your format to the NTSC video tape format. For example, I work at a university that has the means of converting PAL formated tapes to NTSC. While this would mean that I incur a small charge for making the conversion, the fee is small.

    The idea of the format rules is two fold: (A) I can more easily and quickly combine all entries into a single video tape and use one medium for public showing. (B) I cannot think of any film festivals that allow you to submit CD-Rom. If you know of one that has a public showing in a theatre, please let me know.

    I am willing to make any changes in the sumbission policy on a case by case basis and I will post those changes here. That does not mean that the rules change for everyone. If you can make a NTSC video tape, then that is the method of submission you must use. But as people make requests of me I will inform the boards which submission they will be allowed to use.

    A side note: I cannot be responsible for any technical problems that arise from converting from one format to another. I will make every attempt to convert your format to one that the audience will enjoy.

    I firmly state the commitment that every first priority entry that reaches will be shown to the public. It might not be in the format or medium you submited, but it will be shown and entered if possible. Even if that means pointing the video camera at the computer screen and converting your entry that way, but only as a last resort. I put too many great people through the pain of watching my laptop issues grind the animation festival to a halt, to every, and I mean ever, do that again!

    So please write or call me and I we will arrive at a format that will enable your hard work to be shown publically.


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