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    I know in the other thread I said I’d do DivX versions of these videos but it was easier/quicker for me to convert them to RealMedia format to start. I’ve loaded the videos to my site’s server. Here are links to get at them:

    Entry 1: SK8R BOI

    Entry 2: Fallen

    Entry 3: Powerhouse

    Entry 4: Over the Hills and Far Away

    Entry 5: A Forest

    You should know the drill but if not – Right Click on the links above, Save Target As and then download prior to viewing. These are not streaming videos!

    A couple of things about the video I shot:

    I wasn’t trying to capture only the video by itself – I wanted to show both the audience and video at the same time. I think during the first entry I did do a pan of the room so that you get a quick look of how many people were there (I think it was close to 40 for the first showing).

    The sound is pretty good even though I didn’t have a chance to attach my mic before I started taping.

    Hopefully none of the directors will be upset by this presentation of their work – if so let me know and I’ll remove the file from the server.

    I hope folks enjoy this look at what BrickFest was like. Thanks again to Todd for getting this organized for the LEGO Animation community.



    Thanks. I’m downloading the first one now. I want to see exactly what this Sk8r boy was, as bad movies are usually the funniest. 🙂

    Next up is Egoless’…man, I really hope he posts it here.





    Thanks supernerd.

    Just more evidence to support my personal worship of all animations of Ben B.

    Ben (egoless) if you are out there, please post a version of your film for all of us to see. From even that video recording I was BLOWN AWAY!





    Thanks supernerd!

    Man, I think Ben is just going to wait until we’ve all pulled every last strand of hair off our heads in the anxiety of waiting for his film. I’ve never seen anything like that “Fallen” by Egoless, the use of 2-D animation was very different!



    wow… downloading the second one know, just watched sk8er boi



    Thanks fro the videos! Downloaded them all. So you was that guy with the cam! 😆 When there was streaming video and webcam I saw someone holding a cam up, so maybe that was you. 😆



    it also could have been Jared



    Hey guys! Egoless put up an avi of his film. Here’s a link: … e/goth.avi



    SWEET! That took quite a while, didn’t it? Now I can finally watch it in all its colorful glory. 😀

    BTW, have I recommended here using Flashget to download films? I went from 9kb/s to 70kb/s! I’m on cable, so obviously you won’t go a whole lot faster if your on dialup.



    Using flashget is the best way to slow down brickshelf for everyone else… especially us 56kers…


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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