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    “MarkB” wrote: Whats the difference between the Brickfilms contest (i.e. WoW) and a BrickFest PDX contest?

    Words of Wisdom are not necessarily funny. If your “Tell-A-Joke” entry is not funny, then it belongs in the “This-ain’t funny” competition, which has yet to be (and never will be) announced. 😆




    To answer Mark’s question a bit more clearly…

    I think what you want to know, Mark, is that Brickfilms WOW contest is hosted by the owner of, Josh/Revmen, while a Brickfest contest like this one is a part of Brickfest, a Lego Convention held yearly, in fact the exact same one Rise of the Empire was made for. 8)




    “ToddThuma” wrote: [quote=”wandrer2″]And why are there 2 simultaneous contests?

    Yes, there are two separate competitions.


    Yes, I think I got that, but WHY?





    Entry Forms are now available for the BrickFest PDX 2004 Tell-a-Joke Competition. Please download them from this web site:

    Every entry will need to be accompanied by an entry form. Please fill it out on the computer and print or hand print on an blank form and included that in the mailer you send your competition entry in.

    I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone has done.




    Sad News!

    No entries were received for the BrickFest PDX 2004 Tell-a-Joke Animation Competition as of the deadline. As a result, the competition has been canceled.

    I am disappointed that no one was able to submit an entry. I would like to take this opportunity to evaluate why none of the animators were interested in creating something for this competition. Please read and respond to the questions below to help discern the main reasons for the failure of this competition.

    Were the rules too difficult? Which rule or rules provided the greatest difficulty?

    Was the theme, History of Flight, too challenging? Too Limiting? Too Un-inspiring?

    Was the competition deadline poorly timed?

    Was Septemeber not early enough to announce the competition? Should it have been announced earlier or later?

    Are there too many competitions competiting with one another splitiing the time and talents of the animators?

    Were you too busy between Sept 2003 and Jan 2004 to put something together?

    Is the appeal of having your hard work presented to an audience not enough incentive? Is the promise of an engraved award not enough Award? Is the reward of a LEGO Set not enough award?

    Do you hold some animosity or attitude towards the competition organizer that prevented you from participating?

    I am sincerely interested in any light you can shed on the issue, no matter what color that light might be.


    Todd 😐


    Mr. Less

    Umm, because you never answered are questions properly? :roll



    Maybe what turned a lot of people down was the “suitable for all ages” thing.




    that’s really sad.
    I’ve been too busy lately to even think about contests… But to hear the NO ONE entered anything is sad.
    A brickcon with no animations… that’s like a Chrismas with no Santa.

    Sorry Todd.




    Sorry,Todd,I tottaly forgot about this.If I had remembered,I woulda made a entrie.Sorry. 🙁



    “Buxton” wrote: Todd, I appreciate the effort that you put into these festivals

    Yep, me too.

    I have to say that, if I’m premiering a new animation that’s taken weeks or even months to put together, I want to do it with an audience that actually wants to watch the thing.

    You hit the nail right on the head there buxton. Over here at we are an interesting mix of people, which Josh expressed quite well in his muted noise interview.
    Some of us LOVE bricks and make films,
    Others make films and like the ease of bricks
    The rest are somewhere inbetween.

    Unfortunately, if your outlook is primarily the films and not the bricks (like me: I love stop mo, bricks make it easy and fun, they give me a childhood flashback, I’m employed and can afford them, but I spend a lot more money elsewhere…) then things become a bit tricky.

    That is, if I spend time creating and crafting a film, who is it for? I initially thought that MAYBE I could make these lovers of bricks come to appreciate the films themselves… the craft. But it does seem they love the bricks primarily, and place the filmic construction, theory, visual play, experimentation in second place.

    THIS IS OKAY! It is a brick festival. Unfortunately, unless the brickfilm component in these festivals can change this perception then it will stagnate. Maybe it has…

    I think the other reason entries were lacking was due to the subject matter and format:

    a) There was only recently (and I mean in the last few Todd Thuma comps) a Comedy Comp. I personally know I am not that good at the ‘joke telling’ aspect, I gave it a go last time, I didn’t want to revisit it. It feels like I’ve ‘Had a go’ at comedy. Tell-a-joke just felt like more of the same. NOTE: I do understand that the comedy comp got a good response and this may have been the drive for this theme. If it had stood ALONE it may have been very successful. (See point C)

    b) History of flight: While at a glance it seems to have great scope (flight from first aeroplanes to space travel) it is actually restrictive too. In part because the history of flight (even conjecture about the future) is much more limiting than a ‘general’ theme (Also, a historical comp was run at brickfilms 2 years ago… more of the same again?) AND Because representing ‘flight’ actually brings a whole lot more technical issues into creating a film. So as a film maker what do you do if you don’t feel confident or capable of bringing your ideas to the screen? Or more importantly, if you go for a ‘stylistic’ non-fx representation of flight is the situation posed above (an audience not prepared for a filmic/stylistic viewing) going to come back and bite you on the arse?

    c) Two very different themes, one felt like a repeat, the other possible technically challenging and/or audience alienating. So rather than two strong ideas we have two very different comps. I didn’t speak to one person who considered entering both. THAT IN ITSELF is an issue. It split the possible number of entries in half. Take into account what I have said about the categories themselves and this poses quite a problem.

    To answer some questions now:

    Was the theme, History of Flight, too challenging? Too Limiting? Too Un-inspiring?

    Some of this was covered above. Personally, on top of the challenge and limits it WAS uninspiring to me.

    Are there too many competitions competiting [sic] with one another splitiing [sic] the time and talents of the animators?

    Yes. When the APE comp was announced (after Brickfest PDX), the rules set clearly, the judging details listed, the prizes discussed, and I reflected upon the previous contest (number of entries, enthusiasm, innovation and general ‘buzz’) I knew that if I was going to enter any comp it would be APE and not PDX.

    Is the appeal of having your hard work presented to an audience not enough incentive? Is the promise of an engraved award not enough Award? Is the reward of a LEGO Set not enough award?

    **Audience (+ bigscreen) = BIGGEST incentive. This alone was sooooo exciting for me in the previous few comps. You can’t beat it.

    BUT. The actual audience can be an issue. Imagine… say… (I am going for extremes for example here) Mariah Carey playing as the support act to Sepultura. Does Mariah incorporate guitar riffs and deep metal singing to ‘play to the fans’? Or does she do her stuff, try to hit those high notes and big variety of octaves (which I DON’T appreciate but some people do) and get hit by bottles of beer?

    **The engraved award I’ve got from a past comp is pretty damn cool. The stopmotionpro and minifig pack is better…. 🙂

    **Lego set awards are cool. I’d just like to know what set… I’ve won the werewolf attack set 3 times now… 😆 (and no, I’m not giving any away, they’ve got some cool bits)



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