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    Were the rules too difficult? Which rule or rules provided the greatest difficulty?

    Not really. But some kind of summary into a few (5 or so) main points would have helped.

    Was the theme, History of Flight, too challenging? Too Limiting? Too Un-inspiring?

    As for me, it was too challenging. At least, my approach to it was. I am going to finish the film I started, but the expanse of open air and sea that I need for it made me slow down and contemplate before I got started.

    Was the competition deadline poorly timed?

    Not really. There were christmas holidays in between and all.

    Was Septemeber not early enough to announce the competition? Should it have been announced earlier or later?

    Again, no problem. The APE contest has a comparable timespan and appears to be doing quite well.

    Are there too many competitions competiting with one another splitiing the time and talents of the animators?


    Personally I don’t want to hop from contest to contest, with next to no time to realise my own ideas (unless one happens to fit in with the theme). There’s only so much animation you can create in a year, and you have to give priorities to what you film. For me, the last months have been more busy than usual, and this situation seems to continue for about 6 more weeks, at the very least. After that I might find some time to really work on my film.

    Were you too busy between Sept 2003 and Jan 2004 to put something together?

    See above.

    Is the appeal of having your hard work presented to an audience not enough incentive? Is the promise of an engraved award not enough Award? Is the reward of a LEGO Set not enough award?

    I think the involvement is not really there. So the films will be shown before a live audience, but we’re not there, we don’t get the details on the voting. In short, there’s no feedback and that sort of equals “no incentive”. Sure, we get a list of the winners a few days later, and they get an award, but there isn’t the involvement that a competition brings with it.

    Do you hold some animosity or attitude towards the competition organizer that prevented you from participating?

    Not at all!




    “Buxton” wrote: I have to say that, if I’m premiering a new animation that’s taken weeks or even months to put together, I want to do it with an audience that actually wants to watch the thing.

    That would be me then.. :wink



    The reason for my part is that I had entered both the last contest you had, but also the WoW contest, and needed a break. After all it’s quite a job to make a film. Another reason was that I didn’t get any good ideas from the themes. It was in a way un-inspiring. I had thought about making the music video for your last contest, so the contest kind of got me to make it.

    The tell-a-joke thing was also very similar to the WoW contest we had. So another type of contest than we’ve
    had recently is something to consider…

    “Todd Thuma” wrote: Is the reward of a LEGO Set not enough award?

    The award I got for winning ‘best animation’ in the last contest was really great! So it’s not the prices that’s the fault.

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)

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