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    My BrickFilm, Life Of Savings, was planned, filmed and edited between October 2014 – November 2014 for the Light’s, Camera Save! competition.
    WATCH THE WINNING VIDEO! … ement.aspx
    It was entered into my local bank which took part in the competition. I ended up winning the local round. From there it beat out all the others in my state and then went to the national round! The competition received hundreds, if not thousands of entries. I got a phone call from the bank telling me how my film had made it to the Top 5 finalists of America! The first person from my Fryeburg Academy (my school), Norway Savings Bank (bank submitted) and the state of Maine to make it this far! They set up a viewing party at my school as the results were streamed LIVE!
    I arrived to the viewing party about 20 minutes early to be greeted by the different bank officials. I made small talk, thanking them for their congratulations and telling them how BrickFilming is done! They were quite intrigued by it! We went inside and shortly later, 400+ kids started pouring in!
    My film teacher spoke a bit, then the P.R. person from the bank. After that we viewed the winners. I was nervous as the results were announced. Third place, nothing. Second place, nothing! I was so nervous that I had lost! However when the screen faded in with my film name and #1 next to it, the room filled with cheer! We watched the film and then the president of the bank spoke, film teacher spoke, then I spoke about the film, animations and a Q/A session!
    (President of Bank and I!)
    I received a $5,000 scholarship, along with a $250 scholarship from the local level! This will help me greatly with going to college this fall! I also received a box, filled with LEGO brick candy! They also had treats after it was finished with cupcakes, with the LEGO candy on top! Got a bag with some things in it from the bank. The school gave me a poster with our film workshop logo on it and a T-shirt! Were working on getting this to be a commercial for the bank!
    Please excuse my bad smile and my awkward eyes! I had tons of camera flashes going off at once and everyone wanted me to look over here, look over there. Sooo haha mini/dizzy
    Overall it was a great day! I’m glad I was able to represent my school, state and bank as well the BrickFilm community today! Love to hear your thoughts on the video!

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