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    Ninja Cat Studios

    So I want to make a way better Star Wars brick film. I thought of making an elite X-Wing Squadron, but the space and planet scenes are too much. Do you guys think that If I just make a space dog fight will be okay instead of a full blown story line involving blaster fights?


    I wont know until You make it. But a space battle without a story to it, would be hard to motivate me to keep watching because personally. I like the stories.

    That said, I think one could pull off a story that never touches ground.

    You see, there once was a game, A awesome old game called X wing Alliance? Here you play a pilot. you had to interact with objects in space, Inspect cargo. Dock with canisters to check the contents. Move them here and there. Fend of space bandits. And that was just the beginning!

    If you take the time to learn what your space ships and figthers can do with their scanners, astromech droids and maybe make some stuff up too?

    Hope this was helpfull.



    My advice is WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE JUST PLEASE DON’T USE PAINT FOR THE LAZER EFFECTS! Did I mention please? You could also fit in a bit of story like it was a clip from something if you want to do a dogfight.



    It’s always good to have a story attached to any film (no matter how loose it is), other wise it’s nothing more than a test reel.
    Just my opinion…..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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