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    I made part one to a film but it never got finished because I lost an essential prop, I was hoping maybe the entire brickfilms team could come up with part 2, , just look for it in the directory



    I guess you can, if you(or someoneelse) provide prizes. It just wouldn’t be an official contest here.



    If people we’re teaming up to make part 2 it’d be a community project not a contest and unofficial contests go in the contest discussion any way.



    Plus we’ve already got a community project underway, feel free to join in. It’s called The LEGO Movie Project and it’s goal is to put a community made film into, at least, one cinema and possibly more.



    You can have multiple CPs running at a time, technically, it’s just difficult to get a second one moving along because many of the people that would be interested in doing a CP are already on the first CP.



    it shouldn’t have prizes, its being greedy, pride is enough as a reward. 😡 😡 :roll :roll

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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