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    My entry for Amped’s Car Chase contest.Kinda rushed, but I like it.

    Road Rage
    Download, Realmedia

    Inspired by the craziness of Hali’s Speed Demon.(Btw, I hope it’s okay I can post this, Amped).



    that helicopter was awesome.

    i loved the afro on the drug dealer.

    😆 excellente’



    Awesome. 😀

    That was really well made. One gripe: What was with all the interlacing? It looked bad.

    “Spoilers” wrote: I knew it was an afro, too. lol!




    that was absolutely fantastic man 😆
    and Mel says “that was very funny” too, she was just laying here beside me while I watched it.
    I’m sure Hali would be proud to have inspired such a cleverly done film.
    After this I’m preicting a run of similar, minifig-ess films 🙂

    this is a must download film people, probably one of KG’s best.



    LOL, I loved that movie KG, a suprise ending, but I knew they would get in there somehow. I liked the technical aspects and I thought the movie was enjoyable too.



    I absolutely loved it, KG. More entertaining to me than anything you’ve done before.



    A very good film Karateguy. The animation was well done and the sound effects were excellent and well timed.

    The simplicity of the sets and characters looks good, (better than a lot of “normal scaled” films). This is another film that shows you that you don’t need large and detailed sets and characters, just a good plot and some good animation.



    Great film. “Man, we got here fast.” LOL That was hilarious.


    David West

    That was awesome. The afro was sweet. But now everyone is going to think that I copied your idea for the people when I make my ten brick entry. 😥



    lets just let all the car chases live, so no one cant be accused of copying 🙂 (and that way i can bring my car chase scene into this contest 😉 )

    but this movie was great! i certainly was hoping for more, that was way too short. it ended before it even got started 🙁 but anyway, you created very nice little brickworld here 🙂 and gotta love that tiny tiny soda-can 😀

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 25 total)

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