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    Hey, I’m making a short funny Star Wars brickfilm about 1min so I need the best dubbing acting.
    Here are the lines to say with the characters and intonation between hook (the dialogues are not in order, just grouped by character):

    Stormtrooper: What are you doing HERE? [with a tone a little angry]
    Stormtrooper: Lord Vader, we have an intruder.
    Stormtrooper: Intruder!
    Stormtrooper: Lord Vader…? [surprised and shy]

    Darth Vader: Show me what he looks like. [calmly/normally]
    Darth Vader: Haaa! | Hooo! [suprised] [panicked] –> Say it quickly
    Darth Vader: Huuu…. / Hmm…. [constrained/embarrassed] —> more than 2 sec
    Darth Vader: Huuuuu…./Hmmmm…. No..No… [constrained] I don’t, but he might be useful to the empire…

    Admiral: He might be useful to the empire? [skeptical/doubtful]
    Admiral: Do you feel compassion for this little boy?

    Young Anakin: …And this is my time machine to go in the future, it is not ready yet but… [with a child’s voice, sharp cutoff]
    Young Anakin: Jar Jar! No! [exclaimed, still with a child’s voice]

    Darth Vader’s voice should resemble as closely as possible to the true.
    Send your recordings to [email protected]
    Thank you for your involvement.

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