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    I’m curruntly working on a Lord of the Rings fan series. Three episodes of it have previously been released in German on my partner channels (as the series is a co-production bewtween me and two other channels) and now I want to make an English release for the series. I need voice actors for following roles:
    Gimli (young age)
    Legolas (drunk)
    Dangalf (Gandalfs previously unknown brother, quite silly voice)
    Vanluir (elven servant, emotionless voice)
    Soldier (Just improvize on this one)
    Bernd (Old, drug-addicted Elven castle servant, sounds exactly like he looks)
    Nuhuld (Drunken Dwarft)
    Glóin (very drunk)
    Arathórn (Ghost)
    Random Elves

    If you are interrested in any of these characters, send me an e-mail to [email protected] or reply to this message. Choose as many characters as you like to voice.

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