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    Finally, after over 2 years, the community project is finished and ready to be viewed by the masses. It is my honor to present it to you now.

    30 MB RealMedia file

    This is a good brickfilm, but what’s really special about it is how many people contributed. Brickfilmers from all over the world lent their skills in animating, writing, music making, voice acting, and more, to create this 11 minute film for all to enjoy.

    Obviously we didn’t work on it constantly for 2 years, as it would be a lot longer than 11 minutes (and probably a better film). There were pauses for months at a time as we waited for pieces to be completed. What’s remarkable is that we never gave up and continued to push and push until the project was completed. Most credit for pushing goes to Doug, who never quit, even when some of us were probably thinking about it.

    When you watch this, it will be clear to you that different animators contributed using various lighting and camera qualities. This is, of course, unavoidable. The most heinous contrasts were color-corrected to a point, but as a whole we didn’t figure it would really be worth the effort to make all of the scenes look the same. The subtle differences in lighting and color and animation style are a reminder of the fact that this was a group effort.

    Some of you may want to know who animated what. Well, I’ll tell you. Naming the scenes constitutes some spoilers, so I’ve written the animation credits here in a spoilers tag. Be sure to save these until after you’ve seen the film.

    The scenes in the order they appear:

    Opening 3D – Cometgreen
    Establishing shot – RevMen
    Inside the lab – Jeff the drummer
    Title graphic – David West
    Arrival and Alien discovery of machine – Motfilms
    Finding the machine missing – The Janitor
    Still shot over the shoulder towards TV – David West
    Still shot of machine in the news – Kristian
    In the shop – David West
    Into the museum – Kristian
    The museum – Kristian
    Displays in the museum – RevMen
    The past – Logan
    Back in the lab, break time – Jeff the drummer
    The Coda – David West


    A hearty thank you and congratulations goes to all of those who contributed to this project. It’s a job well done.



    Wow…it turns out I contributed. Yippee!

    It certainly has been a long wait. Was it worth it? Well, we got a quality film, so I guess so. I don’t think it’s “the best brickfilm ever!” or anything, but it is a very entertaining ten minutes. It was not ten minutes of laugh after laugh, in fact I didn’t really laugh out loud at all, but I always had a smile on my face. I couldn’t find much wrong with the technical aspects. Good animation all around, good dialogue, good character development, good voice acting, good cinematography, good lighting (especially the nighttime setting, Kristian; the scene outside the museum looks great), and good editing. It’s just a good film all around.

    I must say that I got a little scared when I could guess who animated which scenes. It seems I was mostly correct.

    And not to discredit all the hard work of everyone, but I think what stood out for me most was the sound. Rev, and I guess jeffthedrummer as well, did a fantastic job with the sound effects, and the title music also fits very well with the sequence. For what it’s worth, that’s the best title sequence I’ve seen in a brickfilm. 🙂

    Congrats to Tom; I’m sure he’s thrilled to see his idea visualized. Congrats to Doug for organizing a great team. Congrats to everyone who worked on this. I know I’ll be watching this one a lot.




    I just watched it. Beat you to it Timboh. 😛

    Excellent job guys! All of your hard work was worth it.
    This should be a big inspiration to all Brickfilmers everywhere.

    What are you waiting for, go watch this film!



    Err, I liked it. I’m not gonna give a long huffy puffy post because I, myself is quite the amateur filmer. Lighting and animation was smooth, I think the whole thing was put together very smoothly especially for a community project. The only part I didn’t like was how the idea of the time machine has been used so constantly (They go to the future, then go back to the past), but that’s extremely minor. Nontheless it’s very creative and I thought this film was amazing.



    Nice guys,

    [spoiler]Liked the twist at the end “Do we have our galaxy card?” :lol:.
    Very nicely done guys, I could tell the differences between the filmers but they all were very good.[/spoiler]


    Count Orlock

    Isn’t it amazing how the work of a dedicated and talented team can produce such great quality material. This ten minute short redefines that theory amongst many other terms not yet written. How great it was for me to have to come home from work, and watch this excellent piece of work before I got to bed.

    Congratulations to all creators, animators, musicians, voice actors, and 3D animators for this astounding brickfilm. Very well done in just about every category through every minute. A must see for everyone.


    Go!Le Go!

    wow ! respect ! respect ! respect !

    very nice movie and if known the background that it is made by different people all over the world: much more respect for getting it that perfect !

    nice´n entertaining story ! good animation, nice joice of lego-elements and a good and fitting music and sound-design.

    i´d like to see more of such community-projects -> but this said: i know it is a long process to do some like that and even to get such a result !

    but aren´t we brickfilmers very patient ? thats our main streght.

    good job !!! i like it !




    A very nice film people, Congradulations. The story was obviously very well thought out and reviewed over and over as was the animations. The music fit well as did the sets, sounds, etc. Great job to all that participated.


    P.S.- Parliment 2053…. 😆



    That was enjoyable and funny.

    [spoiler]It struck me as somewhat cheesy that the museum had virtually zero defense against thieves who could float up to the ceiling, though[/spoiler]

    The animation, though, was very good, and that opening graphic was top-notch. I wish it could have been a bit longer, but considering that even this much took 2 years, it was a great effort 🙂



    Enjoyable. Though I expected a bit more for 11 minutes, they were gone so quickly…

    Still enjoyable, funny, nice, and good.

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