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    I enjoyed it and was amazed by the lab set nice Work!



    SWEEEEEEEEEETTTT….. muteman is right the lab set is awsome
    i couldnt help noticing that some of the stocks in the news report were names of brickfilmers forum names… like mb (down 4 something points) and blntmn (short for blunty probably.. was up 37 points) among others oh yeah also there was a brckflms stock (up 5.56) and a prtwrx stock.. those were all pretty close to forum names… did anyone else notice that?



    WOW! that film is great! You must have had a lot of patience to be filming it for 2 years. I love the opening logo thing



    [spoiler]Being a time machine movie, I was watching, expecting to a cliche plot of misadventures in multiple time zones (little bit of Prehistoric Earth, a little bit of Future Earth, a little bit of Medieval times, a little bit of Dewey vs. Truman. “Stop the presses!”) It was enjoyable, but I felt it ended abruptly somehow. Like I said, I was expecting more adventures. But I suppose that was part of the writers’ decision. You have your reasons, and I’ll respect that.

    There were parts that were obviously animated by a different animator, but for the most part, they were unnoticable and I commend you animators for that. However, I’d just like to point out the parts worth noting: the inconsistency of the “C” on the hat, frame rates in some shots, and the standard grin face. Don’t you just hate it when Lego brings out redesigned pieces like the standard grin.

    The characters were well-developed and unique, I must say. One’s a goody-twoshoe and a Chicago Cubs fan and the other is an opportunistic smartass. My apologies on the dysphemism.

    Music was great. I can never complain about music.

    Overall, enjoyable. I give my ever increase awe and amazement to the Brickfilm community and it’s members. Excluding that guy, and that other guy named Lech.[/spoiler]



    Bravo!!!! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:



    Great movie, lots of talking that keep the movie going , I loved all the little twist that were added. The 10 minutes went fast so I must of enjoyed it.




    Finally!!!!!! 😮

    I thought that CP would never get done.

    That was very good considering it was a Community Project.
    [spoiler]Although I liked the story, I felt that more could have happened during the time that they were in the future. They pretty much went there and then left.

    I was almost unable to tell that different people did the animation. Very good job on that. The overall quality (microphone, animation smoothness, resolution) was also excellent. Nice job everyone 😀 [/spoiler]



    Nice job all who contributed. A technically proficcient brickfilm, and a wonderful example of teamwork.
    I only have three real “issues” with the film, the first one is [spoiler]the scene in the museum, where they pass the monkey, it is constantly jostled and bumped during the scene, It really should have been reshot as it damages the entire scene, all you can think about is the monkey as it bumps and jiggles dietracting you from the rest of the scene.

    the second thing that bugged me is that this two year project (which really took too long for what the end result is) and all the effort, blood sweat and tears that went into it was “wasted” on a plodding, chiche’d time travel story that never really does anything, there is no subtext, no clever irony, just a straight up done a million times “two unsuspecting guys go to the future, accidentally loose the time machine, have a small adventure to get it back”

    The adventure to get the time machine back was uneventful, and anticlimatic. How can a museum, in the far flung futire have such pathetic security? it’s a plot hole that is simply too massive to just ignore.
    It would have been a MUCH better film had they faced some real challenges tryin to rescue the timemachine. but instead the biggest challenge they overcame was two inexplicably ineffective robot security guards. and they did so in a manner so predicably chiche’d I saw it comming miles away.[/spoiler]

    Now, in my critisisms above I in no way want to diminish the landmark achievement that this film represents. and despite the above it was entertaining, and easy to watch, it’s simply I expected more from the time invested.

    Again, well done all involved, you have earned your way into the brickfilms history books.



    It’s a nice little movie – congratulations to all involved for going the distance.



    Good job guys! Very entertaining!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 / 5

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