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    After a month of hard work,we at Cypher Lab Studios present our first ever film: “Gahismalatata”:

    cast and crew
    Bob, Bob2: Tub-o-legos
    Nick and Nick 2: Alan Menhennet
    Gahismalatata: Galactik
    Burgler: Karateguy
    Written by Alan Menhennet and Tub-O-Legos
    Edited by: Austin Jaeger
    Animation: Karateguy
    Sound effects: Tub-o-legos
    CGI Genie interaction: Patryk Wawer
    Nothing at all: Timboh 😛




    It says I need a software update yet it says there is none available. 🙁



    Of course I’m going to give this film a good rating, because I worked on it. However, I am also taking into consideration the work of all my other fellow team members. We worked very hard on this film and almost didn’t make it into the running, but we prevailed in the end! Go CLS!

    I give it a 9.5 / 10 😮

    Kudos to the first person who figures out who the green-capped minfig is.



    Yes we worked on this till the last minute which has costed Austin two nights of rest.
    Thumbs up for Austin who fought to finish it by time even after he was hacked 24 hours before the deathline an had to start from scrach.

    Go CLS!

    Yes GO CLS 🙂



    We went through HELL and back just to get this done in time. Thanx to software problems and compression issues, we had a rough time getting it all done. But this is our first film as a team, and hopefully the first of many.

    Cyher Labs Studios is looking forward to showing all of you some quality work and enjoying the pleasure that is brickfilms.

    If you havent checked us out yet, you should. It doesnt cost ya anything. So why not?



    I didn’t get into this film ’cause i just didn’t like the script, and nobody was sending me parts to edit for sounds ( i did ask) but oh well.

    Heres my review:
    First, this film lacked sound effects and music. There just wasn’t enough sound effects.The voice acting was not good enough; quite scratchy, sometimes it got really silent all of the sudden. THe dialogue wasn’t also very good, there were some cheap jokes. SO basically it got abit slow at times.The background characters constantly showing up were annoying.

    But the genie did look nice though. THe visuals were pretty neat. Animation wasn’t too bad, but could have been abit better. It was abit jerky at times. There was also nice backgrounds and sets.

    Overall, u guys didn’t do such a bad job. The sound needs improvement, and also the dialogue and voices. Otherwise, it wouldn’t been a hit.



    Hey, we had a small problem (a really big one) we had edited it and it was ready to go when I got hacked by some feakin’ idot. I had to toalt reformat windows and re-start, this was on Feb. 14th at night. So on the 15th I high tailed it into gear adn edtied it in 2 hours.

    overall I thought this film was well made for the first ever CLS project. It’s no ZGR I no but I like to watch it every once and awhile.



    Not bad you guys… Especially when you remember it’s a collaboration, those can get weird.

    Pretty good animation over all, sound needs help though. I had trouble hearing it a few times.

    Here is a lil tip I found handy – I keep a small paintbrush handy to get dust and hairs off my minifigs while I animate. I tried blowing on them, but then I had to worry about how to clean the spit off.

    Keep on filming guys!




    Thanks for your review Dave 😀

    C’mon people review this great piece of work.



    A collaboration! Impressive! I liked the way the story turned out, though it was a bit stretched out.

    Sound – you guys should really get better microphones and/or recording software. The voices sounded muffled and were full of noise. They also didn’t really match up when it comes to volume. The miscellaneous sound effects were too few – they’re out on the streets, aren’t we supposed to hear some typical street sounds?

    Animation – not too bad, but far from excellent. The colours were a bit, well, muffled, and at one point (the first guy has just got up, the camera is changing viewpoint to see the other guy talking) the lighting was quite inconsistent. There was also quite some amount of flickering. Finally, I don’t think it will do to have minifigs wiggle around randomly to make them look like they’re talking. Try to find points of emphasis in the text and design the gestures in accordance with these.

    The genie, being CGI and all, looked like he was from another world. In this instance, not necessarily a bad thing! I’d have liked to see him a bit bigger.

    All in all, this was quite an entertaining film, with a consistent look – which is admirable, considering the number of people who worked on it!



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 23 total)

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