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    It’s been almost two years since I’ve done this, but I have a film to post. Surprising, no?

    RealMedia, 3:07, 8.58mb

    In order to graduate, every senior at my high school must present a senior project. It should be something that you’re interested in and can comfortably present. Natually, I chose brickfilming, and decided to make this to show. My presentation, which included an awesome powerpoint presentation and this brickfilm, was chosen as one of the best three and so I was asked to present it in front of the entire high school yesterday. So we now have an additional 500 teenagers who know of the hobby. 🙂 To my surprise, they seemed to understand it and got past the shock of seeing toys walk around. Some people even talked with me about the story, and not the process. I was anxious because I went with a much more subtle/serious film than a comedic one, but I got all the right reactions. Of course, none of them are brickfilmers, so I’m interested to hear a review from a fellow brickfilmer’s perspective. I hope you enjoy it.

    You can use the link above or visit

    Cometgreen, who now has time to take some screenshots of certain films for a certain purpose…



    Well, it certainly was cinematic.

    I liked the intro bit, but the footsteps kind of ruined it for me, the silence should have been broken with something a wee bit more important, IMO. The song is great, but at times it felt like there was strain between the film and the music. Very good cinematography throughout, but everything seems to be fuzzy, a bit out of focus. The little touches like the lights are well done, the facial emotions are a bit manufactured though.

    Lastly, the ending had me saying to myself “what a cheesy way to finish a film”, until the gun was pointed to his head. Nice twist, although I might have had a gunshot after the blackout.

    All in all, pretty cool stuff, but I think you can do better.



    Finally, another Cometgreen film.

    It is very cinematic, indeed. Very interesting and well done camera movements and pans. The lighting is well done as well and balanced. Animation-wise, this film soars. The only reccommendation is the footsteps to be more smooth by making the increments smaller. But the foosteps didn’t really ruin the over all effect. I don’t know if the blurryness was intentional, but it didn’t look like it was suppose to belong there. IT wasn’t too bad, though, but could have been easily avoided.
    The music fits very well with the film and plot as well. Both the cinematography and the music tie together humbly, with impressive and realistic animation. The facial expressions are slightly exaggerated, but like the footsteps, did not ruin the effect. The message of the film is well portrayed along with the music.

    I liked how you didn’t add a gunshot in the end, because that would have ruined it for me. This makes the film more thought provoking and enjoyable for all viewers. Questions that can be brought up to viewers are: What did you think the hitman would do? What was the hitman thinking?

    Overall, the film is well done and well portrayed for a strong message about humanity (IMO) in the kernel of the film behind the cinematics and music. Well done.



    This is fantastic. I think this is a great film, but I really don’t expect too many people to like it as much as me.

    There was one shot in this film that won me over: Carefully looking at the gun in the alley while life zooms by outside, and the camera slowly zooms in. Absolutely wonderful. You could have had 5 minutes of Fart Competition and with that one shot in it I would still consider this one of my favorite films.

    I did think some of the shots were too fuzzy. I don’t know what sort of effect you were trying to achieve, but it just didn’t work for me.

    And, better make note of this, I agree with Tim over Logan. I’m glad you didn’t put a shot in at the end, it would have just been too obvious.

    Great job, CG. Man, I really gotta make another film.


    Pierre Films

    Very well done!

    OT: I also watch your “film noir” and absolutely loved it! I showed it to mom and she automatically started making pronunciation corrections :roll sigh. It was great anyway.

    Pierre Films 💡



    That is a great film in my opinion. That is the type of film that I like to think up of. One with relatively no humor what so ever and a serious situation where the main character speaks through his actions and faces a serious descision about life or death towards the end.

    The only problem technically that I had (even though I shouldn’t be talking because I probably couldn’t do better) was the walk cycle-it was a bit clunky or something- it didn’t look natural. Other than that it was technically perfect in my opinion.

    It is one of the best lego films ever made (atleast in my opinion)



    “Major Spoilers” wrote: AGH! I didn’t get the entire movie, because I couldn’t read the hitman’s file in the very beginning! It was too blurry.

    That said, I love this movie. It took me two viewings to get it, but I love this movie. While technically slightly lower than some other classics, this movie was ambitious, and all of the tracking shots and extra animation touches succeeded.

    “More Spoilers” wrote: I really liked the expressions. This film is obviously similar to Hit & Run, but it differs in that it tells a complete story. While Hit & Run did make me think, I think a few too many elements were left out to satisfy me. This was the best Lego tragedy I’ve ever seen.





    :mrgreen: some absolutely great cinematography.

    Yes, definitely the ally shot was amazing.

    I also liked the first person camera views.

    I liked the camera movements. The camera angles and shots all seemed so well planned.

    Excellent film.



    Huh… Very interesting.



    Alright! You made a film! 😀
    I was very impressed with your film overall. The facial expressions (reminded me more of Jay’s Star Wars film), the planned out shots, and the story. There were some scenes that were a tad fuzzy like Logan said, but it did not distract from my viewing.* One of my personal favorites had to be the scene where the little boy at the crosswalk looks up at the ‘hitman’, and he looks down and returns the smile. There might be some symbolism here, but it was a very memorable, for me at least.
    I agree with Josh and Tim, very happy that you left out the shot and kept the identity of the shooter a secret.

    Congrats on making it to the top three.
    When can we expect your next film? :wink

    *a pause to pour some chocolate cereal*

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