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    We could do somthing like the villlian brickfilmers fight the heros it would
    look cool.

    Some have thought of this before, and we have reached the conclusion that, no one wants to be the villain that gets killed/defeated. It just isn’t fun for them. Unless there was someone willing…



    I prefer not to have it relate to the forums. It’s what would you, the human being, do with superpowers, not what would you, the forum user do with superpowers.

    As for a villian, definitely not base on any actual person in the community or in the project itself. If we go on the supervillian route, it’ll most likely be a fictional character.


    Matt Gillan

    I think that they should all link together in some way.



    “Lechnology” wrote: I prefer not to have it relate to the forums.

    + 9 respect points.



    Guess I should put up the first few main plot options I’ve come up with:

    1. One or more individuals adapt to their new found abilities very quickly and have decided to abuse their new powers by doing some sort of harm to the world (city destruction, large population under mind control, blackhole generated to swallow the planet, etc.). Out of the characters introduced in the film, only a select few will become heroes.

      Here’s where the reduced consistency demand strongly lurks, the others may try, but depending on the animator, only those who can accomplish set and minifig consistency will get a chance to be part of the Heroes vs. Villians showdown. Of course, there is a chance that these top animators can animate other characters as well. It’s up to them. If those of you who really want to have their characters do more than just try to participate in the Battle of Good vs. Evil, I’ll see what I can do in persuading the top animators to include your fig in the scenes.

    2. One individual, unable to control his/her new found powers, accidentally causes an event to happen (natural disaster, summoning creatures, activating evil robots bent on world destruction, etc.). Same situation as #1, only a select few will take part in the Good vs. Evil battle.

      Of course, if we went with the evil robots, anyone can animate their own battle against the machines while the selected few participate in the bigger events.[/*]

    In both and in any other ideas you guys come up with for a plot all involves the character seeing something on the television or hear on the radio that brings everyone together to resolve the situation (even though some if not most will only go as far as trying to get involved with the final showdown).


    RP Hoogle

    + another 80 from me

    Hmm this is interesting I do have some ideas but whether I’ll finish a film for it I’m not sure. Hmm I might have a go at Invisibility also. Wait the ability to walk through walls.



    Although this will be detailed in an official thread, I have to say this: I plan to have this as an official Community Project. No copyrighted material allowed without permission from owner and there is a better than average standard for animation, picture quality, lighting, etc.

    This is coming from me as Minister of Community Projects and Lord_Of_The_LEGO, founder/manager of the We The Brickfilmers Group.



    I’m not sure if I understand you Lech. So, the people who animate the final fight are the ones who participate in it? The other people just do a back plot? Am I correct?



    DIB ON SUPER STRENGTH!!!! Oh, and maybe super speed.

    Anyway, this project sounds pretty interesting. I’m not going to be able to do much animation for it. Like if we’re going to have a big climatic battle, I’m not going to be able to help animate that. I have my own big project going on. I should be able to do my fig discovering his powers, his reaction, and maybe a battle with robots at his house or something…

    Could we have our figs posting on the forums or something?



    Sorry LB, I think Carlito got it first.
    [spoiler]Although I’m not sure if he seriously intends to do this…[/spoiler]

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