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    Gray Scale

    Grayscale Studios have just finished Contains Small Parts, a film about a Lego car that goes on an adventure and comes down to earth with a bang. the link is :

    There were three rules when making this film. they were:

    1. No minifigs.
    2. No SFX or masking (I actually broke this rule, but maybe you won’t notice! :wink )
    3. It had to have a simple, and fun story.

    I’ll let you be the judge of the last rule.

    Let me know what you think.

    Gray Scale



    Very, very nice. The animation is very good, and the story is simple and fun. Very good use of sound effects and motion to give your small parts very life-like qualities. Most impressive film.



    I loved it! 😀 The animation and sound effects was great, and the plot was really interesting, holding my attention. I especially liked how each part moved in their own way. Spoiler:I really liked it when the steering wheel was crying and then it turned around and saw the car back together.:)

    I expect great things from you, Gray Scale Studios. :wink

    EDIT: You should submit this to the directory.


    What program do you use to do all the Special FX in your other films! 😯 There awsome!

    This movie was cool too. it kept you entertained all through the whole thing. 🙂


    Gray Scale

    “White Guy on a Stick” wrote: What program do you use to do all the Special FX in your other films! 😯 There awsome!

    I used a combination of AlamDV2 and Chromanator. Both from CSB Digital. The thread to discuss Nuffin Zon is –

    Thanks for all of the nice comments.

    GrayScale Studios will be taking a couple of months off. Moving house, new job etc, time to pack the bricks away for a while.:crying: The good news is that I will have a dedicated studio in my new house 😀 , rather than the dining room table, so who knows what we can achieve!



    A very cute and enjoyable film. It’s great to see some creativity and a good story!

    The technical aspects were well done, though the sticky tac was visible a couple of times. I admire the way you animated the different bricks. Each brick almost had their own personality. The sounds were great too.



    What a nice film to see. I loved the story, the visuals and the bricks. The sounds were great indeed.

    Please make more.



    wow. that was a very, very well done film. kudos! i loved it. great sound effects, nice picture quality (i hate my camera) and excellent animation.



    Gray Scale

    Thanks for all of the positive comments. I was trying to make something where all of the ‘small parts’ has their own character, and I think I almost pulled it off.

    “Kristian” wrote: …though the sticky tac was visible a couple of times.

    I know, and I cringe every time I see it!

    Gray Scale



    Great film, the animation looked EXTREMELY smooth 😯 what was ur fps it looked about 20 fps

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 22 total)

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