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    And so on and so forth yadayadayada etc…

    Cowboy Hat

    Click to Download:Realmedia, 2.00 MB, 46 Seconds

    Oh, and read this after you seen the film:

    [spoiler]Incase you didn’t hear the penultimate line, he’s saying “Get out of here, cowboy hat! You’re not a part of my life anymore![/spoiler]




    Awesome, KG.

    There’s a new ‘Bluntman’ in town.



    OMG! The best brickfilm EVER!

    Really funny. Nice matching with the digital face, though it still looks too sharp. Blur it, I say! Blur it! And some of the lip sync could use a little work, I think.




    Pretty funny. I think I like this one better than Dog Food although the voice work and lip-syncing weren’t as well done. I agree with Cometgreen, the faces need to be blurred just a bit.

    [spoiler]I loved the guy to the far right in the second shot. Silent yet quite humorous.

    The “object runs on to road and gets squashed” gag seems to be used a lot in Brickfilms, I would have liked to see a more original joke in it’s place.

    One thing that bothers me a bit in some of your Brickfilms is that you seem to borrow small jokes from movies and use them in your films. I’m not sure if you saw these gags and decided to use them as a sort of tribute, or just thought it up without noticing. With your skills it would be really nice to see a truly original film.




    You’ve improved. I like it.
    I like how the music changes as the scene progresses[/spoiler]
    Great job. Now about that blurring Cometgreen mentioned…



    Very nice. Your lip-sync is quite good now.



    If you’re using After Effects [why wouldn’t you be?!], try using the Antialias blur on the face 😉 Not a very heavy blur, just smooths out the edges a smidgeon. [rhymes with pyjun]

    Other than that, awesome 🙂



    Very nice. But quit stealing from me 😛 sentient headwear is MY BIT! there was also a moment that smelled like ‘Natural enemy’, but hey, if you’re gonna steal, steal from the best right ? 😉
    Seriously… Nice work, soften up those facial features just a tad and I’d be ready to call it the best post production facial animation ever seen in a brickfilm.



    Very, very, VERY funny.

    And top marks for using not one, but TWO Ween songs.



    It didn’t make much sense, but the random comic violence in the film made me like it. I thought it was pretty funny. 🙂

    Good job.

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