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    Jason J. Phillips

    So, I’m working on a brickfilm and it involves someone crawling through an air-duct. I was wondering if there was a video tutorial or something out there that could show me how to do that. Thanks!


    Not that i know of.
    Crawling through a air duct sounds tricky, as there is not much space to move in.
    If you do not have to show the actor within the duct, you could just film the duct and add sounds of crawling, scuffling and banging afterwards.

    But i guess you could do it as a laying down variant of the walk cycle, only the hands are more out from the body and towards the, and the feet perhaps “flapping behind”. Ah its hard to explain.

    If you do not need to show his feet they could be placed on some sort of support build keeping the minifig steady during the shots.



    The easiest way i see it if you have to show the ducts is do just make the ducts large enough so the minifig can bend over and walk or something like that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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