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    In my films, I’m getting these dark bars that move from frame to frame. I find the feeling these are caused by poor lights, so is there any way to fix these in Virtual Dub?



    I don’t identify if you can make them go away in post prod., but I maybe know how to erease these bars on youi camera. Go into option and increase/decrease the exposure time, and I believe it should be fine in the future.



    If you’re familiar by post-production software such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro, try frame-blending method. Frame-blending is done by creating virtual frame between two frames; something like “Motion tween” in Flash and it’s done by the software.


    James Brandon

    You can achieve smoother actions by increasing your FPS, but just if the animation you do per frame is smooth. Depending on the sequence, small change is good. Honestly you can get smooth motion with 12fps, 24fps, 15fps and 30fps.

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