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    Users should have enough space for them to play around the application and explore freely. Before you ask them to sign up into your application. It is often disliked by the users to create an account on the application before getting to know the app and that is justified since forming an account on a platform that is entirely new to you, without knowing its uses and functionalities is a major downer. As an ios application development services you need to make sure that you allow your users to share their data with you on their own time and terms, this will make it worthwhile for them by enhancing their experience on your application as a user.

    First impressions are very important, they mark the users perception for the rest of the application; no matter how interesting or useful it might be. User retention is going to influence your revenue therefore make sure to implement the right methods. You can even create a short tutorial explaining how your application works and the features it comes along with, giving your users a chance to comprehend what they can accomplish with your application.

    As far as don’ts are concerned you need to make sure that you don’t give your user any reason to download your competitor’s application and that can be done by having a thorough research on your competitor. You can then provide features that your competitors aren’t offering, making your application stand out from theirs. New users tend to get easily overwhelmed by unwanted complexity within applications. Therefore, keep it simple and concise. Once you onboard the user from the very start they will be more likely to stick around your application for longer, otherwise there will be a possibility of them being repelled away.

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